Saturday, September 16, 2006


Today we were up and going...the guys plus Katie and minus Ricky were out the door and into Brie's car (named Rita) and off to Chicago to see the CUBS game. They were all excited about being able to see the CUBS and to be able to sit so close to the actual field. They had great seats. I tried and tried to watch TV and take a picture of them. We saw them on TV but I could not for the life of me get a picture!! I wanted them to at least know I had tried to show them that I was interested in what they were!! You know how men like to be petted in that which they like too!! smile!!

We girls plus my grandson (bless his heart) went "homecoming gown shopping"!! Ricky really was good for being 6 years old and a boy with 2 teenage girls and 2 other women, one being his mom and one being his grandmother!! We shopped and shopped and found each granddaughter a red gown. They of course looked like dolls in them!! I will post pictures later when they go and send me pictures. I will be back in my own state by that time of course. Their homecoming is a week from now. What fun!! I remember homecoming really, really well!!
After that we had promised Ricky that he could go to the toy store. We had to look at EVERY toy that they make for boys from Star Wars to Skate Boards!!
From there the girls let us OLDER ladies look....WE with the patience!!

Now here is a really stupid picture!! But just for the fun I put it in here just to show you that we have fun when we go shopping. We try on hats and just fun around!! Isn't my granddaughter pretty? They all are!!

Next we had to have off to Caribou Coffee in Dekalb...They told me it was better than my favorite Starbucks. The coffee is really good!! I had a carmel cooler and a french vanilla muffin!! Yes, I know calories are not being counted this week are they??!! Well, there is always next week...right?

We all had fun together today...the kids are really growing up so fast. Soon I will be coming back for Senior graduation and 8th grade graduation!! Time flies by so quickly!! They are babies one day and adults the next!! That makes me feel so old!! So happy that I can spend some time with them!!


Wystful1 said...

Beautiful ladies!!!! Hmmmm, red gowns. I bet they absolutely stunning in them too. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Keep on, keeping on!! (Having loads of fun that is) Miss you, see you when you return.

Jane said...

What fun! The hats were great. Share more pictures of your trip!

MugwumpMom said...

Those are the best kind of days! And yes, your granddaughters are lovely. The apple does not fall far from the tree grandma!!!

Kimmy said...

LOVE the pictures!!!! Looks like y'all are havin' so much fun!
OH... and GO CUBBIES!!!! ;)