Sunday, September 17, 2006

My Sunday In Illinois....

Today our day started out with a good cooked breakfast. I know, I know, I should not be eating like this, but boy was it ever good. My favorite meal is breakfast...always has been!!

We went out to see our oldest granddaughter march in a parade in a very small town. I had not been to one of these in a long time and so it was fun to go to once again. They had trucks and tractors and people throwing candy everywhere. Our grandson was out there gathering as much candy as he could get. We forgot to bring a sack but he was getting as much as he could and bringing it back to his mommy as fast as he could. We got quite a haul of cavity rotting candy!!

After that we had to wait until the
BEARS game was over but the good thing was that they WON!! This weekend both the BEARS and the CUBS have won!! It just seems like with us coming back here to Illinois both of my hubby's favorite teams have been winning! To get back to what I wanted to say....after the games we got to go to an apple orchard!! Even the guys went along....The picture at the top is from the orchard. I found a couple of things there that I just had to have. I could have bought a LOT more but did not do it(being good).....WE got caramel apples with peanuts on the top!! YUMMY!! DIET...did anyone say diet???...CAN ANYONE SAY DIET!! NOT me!!

Supper is about ready here. It has been raining and messing up the beautiful weather that we have been having. Guess I had better get off of the kitchen table or I will be fed to the brood of teenagers that live here!! *smile!!

Miss you all...FLIP FLOP FLOOIE!!!!


Melli said...

Ohhhhh Floozie! It just looks like you are having TOO much fun with those grandkids! I LOVE the pic of you trying on hats! How cute! (you know I'm a big fan of hats!) And I'm also a big fan of apple orchards! I couldn't eat a caramel apple if I wanted to though -- my teeth would fall right out of my head! I envy you oldies that CAN eat things like that! Looks like Ricky was a really good sport about the whole thing too... I hope he got something GOOD at the toy store!

Can't wait to see the beauties in their RED gowns! Oh booooy!

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

I think when you visit relatives, you have to eat!! DH's aunt and Uncle came to visit us from Ohio. We went out for breakfast, icecream, and dinner, all in one day...I was soooo stuffed!!!

Wystful1 said...

Diet is a four letter word....especially now that you're having too much fun to be concerned with THAT!!

What kinda apples? I love those days. The parade sounds like a real down home kinda parade...nothing can top it either.

Jane said...

Don't worry can diet when you get home!
Sounds like you are having a great time and that is a great picture of you with (I assume) is your hubby.

Lazy Daisy said...

Totally love the picture of you and Mike (had to swipe it for my own!) You are getting to be the "incredible shrinking woman" YOu look totally fabulous dahling. So glad you are having a great time.

SavannahSandy said...

Yeap that is my hubby of almost 43 years!! I guess I just assumed that no one else in their right mind would sit with an old lady and hold her hand like that..


Terry said...

Hey Flip Flop...Did you get my email?
I will be prayig for your trip home tomorrow amd now we will be praying for Saija and her Leo on their trip.
You guys are are a real jet-set people!!...Love Terry

Terry said...

Oh! Oh!!..There I go misreading again Sandy!
Leo ISN'T flying. He is babysitting!! No cats allowed on the plane! Hee..Hee!...Love Tery

Bonnie said...

HI! I made it!!

Peggy said...

sounds like the perfect weekend to me! love the photos

Susan said...

Love the photos and wow, it sounds like just wonderful fun.

As I'm writing this, I am assuming you are already home. Where do you fly into?

See you soon.


Kimmy said...

I'm so glad to hear how much you've enjoyed your visit! How exciting!
By the way... vacation calories don't count!!! Didn't you know that? ;) (And breakfast is my favorite!!!! I can eat breakfast all day long ;)