Monday, September 25, 2006


Finally after some thirty years my time is up and I received in the mail that dreaded piece of paper that says in BIG letters right on the front....JURY SUMMOMS. My husband has received several over the years and since we have moved here to the South East, he has received TWO of them. I keep thinking, "boy, they do not know that I am alive!" Guess what? They have found me!! I did not hide as well as I thought I had!!

Now it is not that I do not want to serve on a jury, it is th
at I am afraid they might pick me for a murder trial and I would have to make a decision and make the wrong one! OOPS!! I would not want to do that.

I don't know how they pick you in your part of the world but here your envelope comes with a NUMBER on the outside. Every night after 6:00 you c
all the designated phone number and they tell you the group of numbers that have to be at the court house by 8 AM SHARP the next morning!!

You listen for your number and if you do not fall into the right numerical group of numbers for the next day then you are "off the hook" until the next nig
ht. Then the next night you are at it again...crossing your fingers, toes and anything else that will cross hoping that they do not call your number. I am free for Tuesday now. If I can make it through tomorrow night and Wednesday night I should be okay!!

I sure would hate to have to miss my bible study this Thursday...Oh well if I do I do!! I sound whinny...I just do not want to go downtown to the courthouse....alone...sorry I sound bad!! Oh well...just me being transparent once again for everyone to find out!!

Hope everyone had a good day. I think I am "trying to get sick"...How do you TRY to get sick? Well it is when your throat is sore, your nose is running and you are feeling just plain lousy but you have NO fever but your body is just telling you
...FLIP FLOP you are getting sick!! I suppose it is about time for the Savannah CRUDE to hit me!! Man when that stuff gets does not know how to leave your body. I usually get laringitis (hubby loves that); then it goes on down into my chest and I get REAL sick. I am usually down for the count!! Breathing treatments are next!! SEE SAVANNAH CRUDE!! Bad Bad STUFF!!

Everyone have a good night!!

Flip Flop signing off...Bye Bonnie!!!


Blue Moon said...

Ok, very strange, but I just got the same letter. Mine has my name of course! lol. I am just the opposite of you. If I ever actually get picked, I want the case thats like the columbian drug cartel where the maffia send a hit man to my sequester telling me if I was smart I would say not guilty! Ok of course I am kidding, but it sounds much better that way! Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

I served Jury duty when i lived in Lincoln. I made it as an I had to sit through the whole trial and then got sent home at the end so I never knew the outcome!!! How Rude!! And it's done the same way here.

Melli said...

I am sO jealous! It just kills me that everybody who NEVER EVER wanted to be a juror gets called. But, oh... I have ALWAYS wanted to be a juror! I don't even CARE if it's just a little case or a great BIG Murder trial! I just WANT to SIT in the courtroom and be a part of it all! But do I get called? Nope! Not ever. Not once. But! You HAVE given me hope! If it took them this long to find you -- then maybe I'll be just around the corner!!!

Bonnie said...

Hey there,
Like I said, always check out your blog & ALWAYS enjoy it. I'm so proud of you, think you could really be an author!!! Love ya, Bonnie

YellowRose said...

Hope you don't get picked! I was called for jury duty once and thankfully the case was closed before it went to jury! I was thrilled! I haven't been called back since...knock on wood! LOL

Hope you aren't getting sick! I was for almost two weeks! It was a whopper too! Praying for you!