Sunday, September 24, 2006


Jeff Larson has the BEST CLEAN cartoons on the least I think so. Since this is "MY BLOG" I guess I have the right to my opinion here!! Hm!!

Since this is MY BLOG and since I CAN BRAG on here also ABOUT MY JESUS then I can definitely BRAG about my GRANDCHILDREN too.

My oldest granddaughters went to their homecoming last night in Illinois. Some of you expressed your desire in wanting to see their dresses....well here are....Can you tell I am very PROUD of them??? I hope so because I am!!!


Susan said... sweet!! I love the pics and the fact that Grandma wants to BRAG!!!! I'm sure they love that, too!!

Melli said...

Well, before I even read your comment I was going to tell you how MUCH I love your cartoon today! That is certainly the truth! As a matter of fact -- I'm going to try that one day! I'm gonna stick a picture of Jesus in my wallet -- and when somebody starts bragging to me, I am SO gonna do that!!! ROFL! Thanks for the idea!

AND... you certainly having bragging rights on those two BEAUTIFUL young ladies!!! And those are very pretty dresses they are wearing! (and handsome young men they are dating!) Very sweet! I picked up my OWN little red something to wear to the Emmy's tonight! And thank you very MUCH for YOUR vote! ;) I appreciate each and every one I get! :)

Jane said...

Well you certainly have every reason to brag....on Jesus and your grandchildren. I don't think He will mind the bragging on your grandchildren, He brags on us to His father!
Your granddaughters look beautiful in their dresses.

on the Rock said...

Brag away! They are worth it!

Lazy Daisy said...

Awww....what Cuties the girls are. Loved your cartoon too.

YellowRose said...

So pretty! Very easy to be a proud grandma! Like the cartoon too! ;)

Anonymous said...