Sunday, August 13, 2006

Sunday Morning at Flip Flop Floozie's.........

It is Sunday already and once again this week has flown by and we are about to start another one. August is doing the same thing that July, June and the past few months away!! Time just seems to have a way of doing that lately. Must be that I am getting older and older for some reason. *smile*

As most of you know we do not go to church on Sundays anymore. We go on Saturday nights. Our church started growing about 4 years ago and our pastor asked people to start attending our new service that had just started on Saturday nights. My hubby and I thought since we did not have children at home anymore, it would be easier for us to go to the Saturday night service so we volunteered to go. It took us about 3 months to get used to not going on Sunday mornings. Once we did get accustomed to it, I would not go back! I think it is relaxing to have Sunday mornings to just take it easy. That is pretty much what is going on about now.

This has been a different week as those of you know that stop by here often. Things were going along pretty normally until we got the word that one of our old friends had decided that she could not longer stand the pain that this world had given her through the form of MS. Last Monday she took her life!! It was quite a shock to us, especially to me!! I think it just about knocked the wind out of me for about 3 days. This is where I wonder if she was a Christian. I felt guilty about whether I had talked to her about her salvation.

I wonder about what God thinks about someone who committs suicide!! I have no idea. We had one friend here in Savannah who we knew to be a good Chrisitan. One day he just decided that he could no longer stand life as it was and he also took his life. Since I do not know the mind of God and will not know it here on this earth, I just wonder what he thinks when one of his children opts out of this precious life in this fashion.

I understand PAIN!! Believe me do I!! I have had it now for over 10 years plus!! Sometimes it gets to me and I wonder about that word...but so far I only wonder. I cry alot and pray alot and sometimes can understand about feeling better by not being here but would I do it? NO never!!

I have a poem that I found in some of my papers and it is called "Pain Sweet Pain". I will not post it here because I think I have rattled on long enough. The last lines say what the whole poem is about:

"God hasn't forsaken us, when we're in pain For it is HIS love we have to gain For if pain wasn't part of HIs wonderful love HOW WOULD WE EVER KNOW TO LOOK ABOVE?"


Melli said...

Sandy, thanks for stopping by and enjoying my Sunday Funny! I don't think you 'need' to find something funny to put up today. I think the post you put up was the one that you 'needed' to put up - and I think it's good and therapeutic for you too! Since we've already emailed I won't repeat myself here... I'll just offer you one more great big (((((((HUG)))))))!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, it was good talking to you this morning. Sorry I've been such a "dog friend" (hanging head in shame!) Hope you are feeling better about your friend. God will do what is right. Love and prayers!

on the Rock said...

You're in my prayers - pain is a rough place to be. About the Saturday night services, I too wonder if that would be a good move to find a service my husband and I would enjoy. But like you it'd probably take me awhile getting used to it.

Susan said...

It's so easy to wrestle with just what happens when a person makes the choice to end his or her life. I think each person is different and God certainly knows their hearts. I think many people "opt out of life" in many ways...and it does grieve God's heart...but it doesn't change His love.

I would love going on Saturday nights too...but since dh is our pastor....we have to go on Sundays. Who knows what might happen in the future?

Just know that I am praying for you as you continue to deal with this loss.


The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

When we first moved to this small town, there were about 4 teenagers that took their lives all in that summer. It's so hard. My friends boyfriend committed suicide on her front lawn in highschool, it was so sad for all of us. Too many times it's over situations that could be's such a waiste you know? It makes me sad thinking of it. Sorry you've had to go through it with friends.

On another note: I would loooove to sleep in on Sunday morning! I have to go to Sunday morning service (BORING) and Sunday evening service (GOOD, this is the one hub preaches at). Sunday's are very busy for us!!

The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

P.S. I've talked with my 9 year old about this in the past. I said "I just want you to know, that whatever is going on, it's not ever worth killing yourself." she just looked at me like I was crazy. I've also talked to her about smoking, drinking(alcoholism runs in my family), and homosexuality. heehee.