Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Tuesday once again!! I have had a busy two days so far...Monday and Tuesday every week are busy days for me!! I always look forward to Wednesday because I can usually SLOW DOWN but not this week. This week I have to keep going.

I am having a neighborhood Ladies Luncheon here at my home this Saturday. That, of course means that my home has to be CLEAN!! I know probably NO ONE will care...Only Me!! But I do care and it will just HAVE to be clean if for no one but good ole' me!! I need to be working at it right now but this morning I was with the Roberts babies taking care of them until 1:00. They are the sweetest little babies in the whole world to me anyway!! I would love for you to pray for them. Benjamin is going to be okay but Danielle and Casey really need our prayers. Danielle and Benjamin both have their first teeth now. I almost feel like a grandmother around them anymore. I have been helping their mother once a week now for several months. You really get attached to them after awhile.

After I got through there I stopped and picked up a few groceries mostly for dinner tonight. Once I got home there were little things to do and now here I am at the computer doing what I want to do instead of doing what I know I should be doing!! OOOPS!!

I wanted also to let you know that two friends of mine are blogging now. If you have the time stop over and read their blogs. One lives right here in Savannah. I go to church with her and see her often. Her blog address is: http://susanbowers.typepad.com/in_the_storm/ stop by and see her when you have the time. I need to add her on my blog also.

Also I just found out another friend of mine from Illinois has a blog. She is just beginning so there is not much there. Maybe if we go and leave a comment maybe it will make her get going!! What do you think? She just needs a push!!

Well take care everyone. Tomorrow is WW so that is always a fun DAY!! I hope everyone is doing great today!! I am much better now!! My friend's dying still makes me sad but I have to understand that it is over with and try to go on just like I hope her family is doing. I have not reached them yet. I will try again this coming weekend.



Lazy Daisy said...

Hey Babe, Busy day here too....sounds like a fun time on Saturday...do you have a theme? Went by Susan's site...look at you miss Blog Mother! Miss you.

Susan said...

I missed making my rounds today while I was out celebrating my anniversary with dh! I'm glad you took the time to post in the midst of your busy busy schedule. Hope all goes well on Saturday.

I'm coming through Savannah in October around the 25th.

:-) Susan