Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Today I am off to MY HOME STATE of ILLINOIS!! I never thought in a million years that I would ever leave that state and live anywhere else in the United States but I was wrong!

Like my mother always said, "Never say never." You just NEVER know when your life is going to take a turn, just like theirs is doing right now. I am going back there today to help them move from Illinois to Arizona.

They are both in their 80's and have decided to pick up and move everything out there by my brother. Guess you just never know now do you?

I think that I am ready. I will try to keep in touch with everyone as best as I can. I am taking my laptop but I will have to learn to set it up because my parents only have dial up so that should be a fun thing for me to see if I can do it.

I will be gone for 3 weeks. Take care everyone and keep safe.


Wystful1 said...

Have a good trip! And enjoy, but don't hurt yourself lifting things while helping move!!

We lived in Arizona for nearly 12 years and enjoyed it...but got bored with all the sun. roflmao

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

I just love maps! They improve my geography, especially now I’m into blogging, its good to understand the logistics of where all my blogging friends are from. The world is so vast, yet our little blogging circle makes it smaller.

Take care Sandy, don’t over do it. Look forward to hearing from you when you have time. Love Marion

YellowRose said...

Have safe travels! Be careful and don't overdo it, you won't be much good to your parents if you do! ;) Don't I sound like a mother hen? LOL

Look forward to hearing updates!

Melli said...

Oh! Safe travels Sandy! Have fun and enjoy the time with your folks! Don't hurt yourself! ;)

Tammy said...

I learned "Never to say Never" also...I thought I would live in Western KY forever. I often said after I moved back from Texas "I'm never moving again!" But, life has a way of changing your mind...lol...I now live in Ohio!

Lulu said...

have a safe trip..