Thursday, April 13, 2006


I know this is "supposed" to be "Thursday Thirteen" today but sometimes I just cannot seem to go along with the CROWD!! Sorry!!

Our small group that meet here at our home have been studying Ruth and Esther through a study book written by Max Lucado. He had this except from last week by an author named Roger C. Palms. It is from his book called God Guides Your Tomorrows. I was so taken by what it had to say that I just had to put it here for everyone to read. It really said a lot to me and I hope it will to you also:

God is economical. He doesn't waste training or experience. He knows what we are doing, what we are are learning, and how he is going to use all of that five, ten, twenty years from now.

It's easy to be disappointed when we have prepared for "the plan of God for my life," only to have the door shut in our faces.

That's because we were busy focusing on the plan when God was focusing on the preparation. Watch how he uses that preparation in a whole new way.

When the signals are blurred and you are uncertain, keep on praying, getting Christian counsel, but don't stop what you are doing. Trust him to steer you if you are on the wrong course. But don't stop!

A sailboat's rudder is useless while the sails are down. Set sail, get going. You can't get any direction until the wind fills the sails. Then when the wind changes, be ready to come about. God may have to change your course, but when he does, you will have the momentum for it.
God knows how to move you when the time comes for you to be moved. He knows what is happening to you and what should be happening for you. In other words, trust God to be God. There isn't anything he doesn't know.

Isn't that you wonderful? I cannot tell you how many times this has been helpful to me so I thought it would help you also....

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