Tuesday, March 07, 2006


For the past two weeks or more this 10 year pain that I carry around with me, has been more extreme. I have been to numerous doctors, been in the hospitals, had injections, taken medications and well done about everything and they say they cannot find anything wrong with me. I have severe pain in my legs and hips. I have found that one thing that helps about 25% is exercise and stretching.
Yesterday was one of my worst days. A day that I wanted the Lord to just take me home as soon as possible.
I went to church to volunteer in the morning as I usually do. I asked to get off a little early so that I could get to CURVES and work out before they closed at 1:00. By that time I was hurting so much that I was very close to crying. I do not like to cry and most of the time when I am hurting most people do not know because I laugh a lot.
Several years ago when this all started I decided that if I am going to hurt then I am NOT going to cry...I am going to laugh and smile instead. God gave us choices so my choice will be to smile!!
Yesterday though I had just about had it and when it gets that way I just cannot stand the pain anymore and tears are so close to spilling over that they just automatically come no matter how hard I try not to let them come. At CURVES I was going around on my last time. One of the young ladies that was also going around wanted to know if I was feeling okay. "NOPE" was my reply. She asked what was wrong...(course not the thing to do when you were feeling like I was.) I went over to the mat to start stretching. She came over and sat down beside me and asked if I was a Christian..."SURE", I said. She asked me if she could pray for me. She took my hands and sat there and asked God to heal me of this awful pain. I was so thrilled and so happy that she would think so much of me to pray for me. I got up from there thinking...I CAN HANDLE THIS PAIN WITH THE HELP OF GOD!!
I went home and thought, I am going to wash the car!! I hate...yes, simply hate to wash the car. I thought that I needed to keep going. While I was washing the car a neighbor pulled up in her car and talked to me. Then later another neighbor came out and we had a great conversation. I came back in and thought how good this awful, painful, terrible day is turning out for me...God is really good to me. He is sending me friends!!
Right after that the door bell rings. Another good neighbor is at the door and she says she needs a hug!! Okay I can do that!! We talk about how good God is to her. (she is a new Christian)!! What I needed again.
God just sends who we need right into our lives just when we need them.

Today I get up and the pain is there only it seems a little lighter!! I go to my CURVES to get weighed and I do lose a pound and some inches ( I have lost 16 lbs and 20 inches now in about a year...slow loser...but still a loser)!!

I have a meeting at church. My friends there surround me and pray for my pain to go away!! More friends that God is sending to surround me in prayer!!

People, Prayer and Pain....You say you cannot see God? Why not? He is around us all of the time in the form of your best friend, your neighbor, the lady who is exercising with you, or just anyone that he manages to put in your path.

When you feel down start looking around you for those that God is placing in your path. They are there, they really are. I know that for sure!!! I have been blessed by God's angels!!


Lulu said...

what a beautiful post..
I am sorry you were in so much pain, but so happy you have loving friends to see you through...
will keep you in my prayers..
hugs, hope youre feeling much better now..

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, hope you are feeling better. I was hoping things were better for you. God is good all the time. I'm glad you have so many friends and neighbors to show you love as you have poured your life out on others for so long.

Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful post but I'm sorry you have chronic pain...hugs to you.

Lulu said...

How are you feeling? i sure hope you are doing much better..