Sunday, March 12, 2006


I have been back to crocheting again!! I love to crochet!! I am making an afghan for someone. I am not sure just who...but for someone!! I was crocheting along just fine and the yarn started to cause me trouble. It was getting all knotted up!! I finally had to stop and just cut it and get another skein out and tie the old one off and start a new skein. As I was doing that for some reason I got to thinking about yarn being like our lives.
You say, Sandy, you are getting into some deep thinking. For me that is something!! And you would be right in thinking that way.
We go along in our lives taking one day after another, after another thinking that next day will just automatically come along. Then suddently we run into a knot. Wouldn't it be great if we could just CUT that knot right out and tie into a new skein and keep going right along like nothing ever happened?
God gives us that opportunity. If we believe in HIM and give HIM the opportunity to show us that HE is there through all of our knots He can get us through everything that comes along in our lives.
We try to wind up our lives by ourselves without including him in our plans and desires. When we go ahead without including God our lives look like the picture that I have included in my blog. Just like the mess that I have waiting for me in my bedroom!!
I am slowly working my way through that mess, a little at a time. (Incidentally this really requires patience) You start winding up your ball of yarn very slowly and here comes another knot and another road block and you have to stop and figure out which way to go. Doesn't this sound like our lives? We start out thinking that everything is going just great and POW!! Along comes bad news....cancer, losing a job, someone is mad at you, your best friend is moving, you are lonely, you are in pain everyday, or you just simply wonder what is laying ahead for you? All of these questions are just LIFE!!
God does not give us any simple answers. We just have to go on each day and pray and trust HIM to give us what HE has for us.
Remember that when you see a tangled ball of yarn next time. Without God we as humans cannot make it through those knots that get in our way without HIM. We need the HOPE and the salvation that only HE can provide...God Bless you !!!


Lazy Daisy said...

Great post and application Miss Thing!Miss you!

Lulu said...

so very true!

LadyBugCrossing said...

Love your post. What is the pattern for your afghan? Will you share? I love to crochet. I am making an afghan for #1 Son's Band Director's new baby girl. It is a ripple, but I'm getting sick of ripples... Any easy afghan patterns you want to share???