Tuesday, December 13, 2005

HEADACHES!! ouch!! That is just a very simple word for the pain that they can bring and how they make you not want to do anything at all!!
I have been dealing with these for so long now that I forget just how long. I have had so many that now I just try remembering the days when I DO NOT HAVE ONE!!!

Today I am off to the doctor to see if he has any ways to help me. My husband tells me that doctors only "Practice" so he does not hold a lot of faith for them although we have found one that we do like so that does help some.

I have one friend that was literally born with headaches. She has had them ALL OF HER LIFE!! She has had two children and worked and keeps going!! I really do admire her for the courage that she has to deal with these awful things.

Maybe today will be a good day!!

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