Saturday, November 12, 2005

I LOVE BLOGGING!! But how would you know it since I never do many of them!! Hm!!

Well, I have been busy...would that be enough of an excuse? It will just have to do for now!

Since I last wrote My son has turned 41; granddaughter 14; party here at my house for the neighborhood ladies; MOPS; exercising, bible study; lunch with MOPS mom; eye doctor appt; and ordinary everyday things.

I keep very busy. Sometimes my days just seem to FLY by on me!!

I am still going to CURVES just in case anyone is wondering!! I love going!! I am now down 16 lbs and 17 1/4"...don't forget that 1/4 of an inch!! IMPORTANT!! I have about 25-30 more lbs to go. I am off to there in just a few minutes and then my morning is certainly full with several things that I need to get done today. Tonight is church again. BUSY me again.

I "have" to keep busy because my husband is always busy working on someone's kitchen. He is about the only installer of kitchens anymore so he works almost every day.

Soon we will be leaving again to go visit our son in California. This is the only way that I can get him away. I make him leave his cell phone here so that he can at least relax. He will be working almost up to the last moment!! How crazy is that.

You know we prayed for him to have jobs almost 5 years ago when we moved here and now he has so many that he is never at home...OR when he is, he is sleeping at least I can watch him sleep.

Last Sunday (YES Sunday) he had to do estimates...So I rode with him in order to be there at least. I heard some wonderful comments about my darling man. The last place we went they said that they had heard such great compliments about his work that they will wait until after the first of the year for their kitchen to be installed. Now how priceless is that?

Proverbs 31 woman says that she is a "Price far above rubies and her husband is known in the gates". My husband is being known "in the gates" and coming out a very wise and compete man. How blessed I am!!

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Lazy Daisy said...

I'd say you are very blessed indeed. Glad to see you blogging again. I've missed your insights and what you've been up to. Kathy