Friday, October 07, 2005

Tammy the Tropical Storm depression or whatever she is has brought rain, rain and more rain to us here in Georgia. We sure did need it but now it is getting old. Funny how we want things, get them and then wish they would go away!! Just human I guess.

Not much happening here today. CURVES, home, bible study and that is about it. Boring me..Yeap...boring.

I did go see "Flight Plan" yesterday with my neighbor. Good movie...great mystery. Jodie Foster back as good as ever. She is starting to look old just like the rest of us but no matter...she is still a good actress. I was bumbed because I could not eat the popcorn. What is a movie without popcorn? I have been having stomach problems so my friend sat and ate it and I tried to ignore the smell. Try that sometime. I think that the people who produce movies have something with the popcorn people. Maybe that is why the stuff is so expensive.

Hope ya'll are having a more exciting day...

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