Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Seems like blogging has been on the back burner lately!! This fall has become very busy for me.
We are getting ready to leave for a week vacation this coming weekend. Silly me always thinks that when you are leaving you need to leave behind a CLEAN house. Today I have been cleaning and cleaning. I don't know why I think I need to do this but maybe it is just because I am afraid that if someone comes in and sees it not clean I would feel bad. I know it is a stupid way to be, but that is me. I have always done that. I have always cleaned before we leave to go anywhere.
That means that now I am very tired. I always work myself to death when I clean. Another thing I need to learn to change.
I am still going to CURVES and still losing weight but more importantly I am losing inches. I have lost so many inches now...15 total. The great thing is that it is coming off in the right places this time. What a wonderful thing.
I can say that I feel so much better about myself now. I know that I have a long way to go yet but I still feel better about putting clothes on and trying to look my best.
My husband has been very supportive by telling me that I look good. I love to hear that. What women doesn't.
I have been giving my bigger clothes away. I just want so badly to get down and stay there. I may have to quit eating to do that...NO I am just kidding.
I don't want to be that old woman that is so round that she waddles when she walks. I want to stand up straight and look as good as being old can be.
I am pooped so had better get off now. I will not be around this coming week. I will be resting and most importantly getting my hubby to rest too.
See you later.

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