Thursday, September 29, 2005

Gasoline PRICES: Boy did they ever go up today!! I don't think that I have seen them rise so fast in so short of time before.

My husband went to get gas this morning. He came home saying it was $2.75. He pulls a truck and a trailer so gas for him runs out really quickly and it has been expensive for him.

I went to Bible study. Afterwards, I decided to go to buy groceries. I saw that it had gone up to $2.85. I thought that was a big jump.

Came out about an hour later after getting my groceries and it had risen to $2.95 in just that hour. WOW!! A 20 cent rise from the morning!!

We are going to have our Ga. gas tax put back on this Saturday, the 1st. What will it all cost by then?

Guess we are going to have to stay at home or make one trip do everything from now on. I guess we will learn what Europe has to put up with every day of their lives.


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Julie said...

your gas is higher than ours is right now.Of course i haven't checked today:) That is a shock especially since down south where you all are it is usually cheaper.