Saturday, August 13, 2005

Memories...When I was a little girl I remember going to my great grandmother Trinkle's house in Redmon, Illinois. She always had beautiful flowers. Lillys of the Valley always grew outside of her home.

She also had a big variety of African Violets on a round table in her living room. The table had a big light in the middle of it and every night that light shown on those violets.

She had every color it seemed to me as a young girl. There were pink ones, white ones and of course my favorite ones...PURPLE!! I still love that color to this day!!

They were beautiful and I always loved seeing them there when we would go to visit her.

As I have grown older I found that I loved flowers also. I can grow some things. But the ones that grow the best for me are....YEAP...You guessed it...AFRICAN VIOLETS!! They grow great for me.

Maybe it is like my great grandmother saying..."as long as you grow these you will remember me". I don't know but it seems like I do think of her every time I see all of mine.

I have around 9 plants now. Some have babies and some have babies starting to come.

People laugh at me how I talk to them. You know I can get a violet to bloom by telling them to get "busy" and make some babies......

Yes, you laugh but most of the time it helps them to "get busy".

I think my great grandmother would be happy with me!!

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Sandy said...

African Violet envy sprouting here! My sister sent me a house warming gift of a beautiful ceramic dish with a variety of plants in it. Most are the evergreen variety but there is one African violet plant nestled in there. I have no clue how to care for it. I plan to separate the individual plants into their own pots. I can handle them all except the AV. Can you give me some basic info? I don't have your e-mail address so I will fix my Blog so you can e-mail your response from there....Sandy I.