Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our home in April 2010

Just really proud of the way our house looks today!! Mike and I worked on it and cut down a big oleander that was dying on the right hand side of our house. Someone planted it UNDER the porch..DUH!! We think it looks better. Found some plants at Walmart on sale too!! I love flowers can you tell!!

This is looking at our home from a bit of a different direction. The April flowers are just gorgeous here right now. My favorite month in Savannah is April

My azaeleas are really showing their glory this year. Behind them are gardenias which will bloom all summer long!! I LOVE their fragrance!!
All else is going well here. Mike is home today and tomorrow!! We are getting ready for a garage sale this coming Saturday!! That is so much WORK..another four letter word in our world!! Smile!! We need to get our garage CLEANED out!! Tomorrow is a NO SCHOOL day and daughter works so we have the kids all day!! Plus I have to work in the afternoon so Gpa is going to be watching the kids for a few hours for me!! Love sharing this responsibility every once in a while.
Our son in law, Roger is coming home this Wednesday to stay for a few days. They have had several look at their home but no contracts yet!! The right one WILL come along!!
Hope you are having a wonderful and blessed weekend!! We are!!
Thought for the day: "People will forget what you said. People will never forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel." Go out and spread this!!


Decadent Housewife said...

Was thinking today to put in some Azaleas. Yours are very attractive against the house colour.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Looking so nice at your place I wish I could come on over and have some tea on your front swing!!

Have been catching up on your posts dear friend right down to the new baby kitten and your winter reading! love what has been happening on your part of this wonderful earth we call home.

hugs Lee-ann

Denise said...

Is that the back of your house with the swing? Oh what a wonderful place to sit and read!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yes, I would have said an oleander would have eventually grown way too big for under there.

What a lovely home you have, Sandy.

BTW, I'm going to look into the time difference between your part of the world and mine...I'll get back to you. I'd love to chat and I've joined Skype. Thanks for that.

Melli said...

The place is lookin' spiffy! Puts MY place to shame, for sure! LOL!

Krysti is dating a new guy -- he works for Lowes through a contractor. Guess what he does? INSTALLS KITCHENS! LOL! I told her he's probly a keeper! :)

PEA said...

Your house is beautiful and made even more so with all those gorgeous flowers! If I lived around there and wanted to buy a house, I think I would buy yours:-) My crocuses all died with the snow we got last weekend but my tulips and daffodils seem to be ok and look like they're about ready to start blooming. Azaeleas and such flowers don't bloom until June/July around here. Much later than yours!!

I plan on having a yard sale as well in a few weeks, have everything I want to get rid of in boxes in the basement. Need to go through it all and price everything. As you say, it's such a huge job but well worth it:-)

I've just read your last two posts as well and I'm so glad that you're in such a happy place in your life right now:-) I always say I'd rather be busy than bored! lol Take care and enjoy life!!! xoxo

Charlotte said...

Love your home and love the thought for the day. So true.

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing.百聞不如一見......................................................

prashant said...

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The place is lookin' spiffy! Puts MY place to shame, for sure! LOL!


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