Friday, April 09, 2010


Wisteria at my neighbor's home

Some have been asking me..."how come you aren't blogging anymore?"...Answer because I have been so darned stinkin' busy!! That is my answer and it is the truth!!

Seems like all I do is take care of grandkids, work, bible study, take care of grandkids, sleep and eat!! That is about it!!

I miss blogging and I miss reading others blogs...My life has just FILLED up since I turned 65!! I thought I was supposed to relax!! Smile!! Not happenin'....

Life has been on the fast track for some time. I just discovered that I am now in the "sandwich generation". I know what it is but now I know what it REALLY IS!!

I am trying to burn candles with more ends than two sometimes!! Hubby is very busy with his new job and is being successful at the ripe ole' age of 65!! Mature workers are GOOD WORKERS!! They have ethics when it comes to work!! They also know that they cannot quit or they will not eat!!

I enjoy working at Curves. I have been working out there for 5 years now this past week. This is the longest that I have ever stayed in a place that has that big it!! It has given me endurance, disipline and determination which are good qualities to develop!! I mostly enjoy when a member comes in and I get to weigh and measure them!! I get so excited for them that you would think I had actually lost the weight and inches myself!!

Our home is still on the market and I think we should just take the sign down and wait a bit!! Our daughter and her family are really struggling to get theirs sold!! Roger is in Illinois working and that family needs to be together. I am not going to like it when they move but I know it is for the betterment of that family. The kids need to attend better schools and the Illinois schools are tons better than down here.

April is here along with the Azaleas and the Wisteria!! My favorite time of the year!! I have some gorgeous salmon colored azaleas!! I bet downtown Savannah is gorgeous right now because those are all mature flowers!! The weather has been great!! Our air conditioner went back on when I was struggling to cook supper one night!! Could not stand the heat!! Spring is here and summer is just a step ahead!!

Having a lot of deaths around here which is very sad!! Parents in Illinois are not doing great and so that is a concern for me!! Other family members are having problems!! The devill is doing his best right now in some families!! He knows how and where to hit!!

Me I am very happy right now in my life!! I wish that things could just stay the same but in this life they just never do...stay the same.

On the light side: We have several male neighbors next door. They must have a dog. I was outside planting and pulling weeds. Along the side of my house they have let their dog "do his business"....very bad!! I tried to clean some up and noticed spaghetti; bubble gum and a condom in that mess. My two grands were here. I told them to be careful about playing on the one side of the house. They came running in saying that they saw a snake skin in that dog's waste!! Sure a snake skin!! I am so glad that they are naive and do not know the difference!! I wanted to remember this to let them know one day when they get older and know the difference between a snake skin and a condom!!

Well, need to study Jeremiah now!! We are really into this book. He was quite a prophet to people that would not listen to him...Sounds just like today's world. No wonder he was called the, "weeping prophet"!!

Have a wonderful weekend!! Your blogging friend...still..really!!


Thought for the day: "Remember, every problem has a gift for you in its hands!"


Deanna said...

Great to see a post! I 'visit' with you on facebook, too. lol I was just outside taking pictures of all the flowers, too! lol I'm loving this new yard of ours in Rincon!
Wow. regarding your neighbors. Not good. I would be over there in an INSTANT and talking to them about the dog and the mess!
Glad you're doing well! We're lovin' the warmer weather, too. I was going to go spend the day at Tybee, lounging on the beach with a book but got caught up in errands. Tomorrow is the Strawberry Festival in Bloomingdale. Going to swing by there and pick some berries! Have a great weekend!

Technonana said...

I sooo understand the busy, we too are experiencing much business... but good busy...
ummm, I hope the dog doesn't eat anything else the kids don't need to see!!
Blessings to you, My Friend!!

Needled Mom said...

It does sound like you have been a tad busy! This sandwich generation certainly has it's challenges, doesn't it?

Your new neighbors sound dreadful. Can't they keep their dogs in their own yard?

Take care of yourself.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I so agree with you about life being busy, Sandy. Especially since turning 65...I'm busier than ever. But, I welcome's better being sad, lonely and alone.

Good to see you back again and to hear that things are going so well for Mike.

Connie Barris said...

My parents said when they retired they were busier than when they worked...

I am taking time off from work now, and I am busier than I ever dreamed of being

I so understand

But i do miss you

Melli said...

Life DOES get busy - especially with grandkids! Enjoy your visit with Daisy and Mr. Wonderful! Wish I could be there too!

prashant said...

I sooo understand the busy!!
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