Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Family; fighting cats and my flip flop world

Another dreary day here in the South Eastern United States!! Just hoping for some sun later on today!! It seems that I don't do well without it!! Just need my sun!!

Things are going pretty well here lately. Mike is loving his new job and had his first sale this past Monday!! He was so excited and of course I told him that I knew he would do it!! He wants so bad to be able to make this job work. We both know that God gave him this job because how many 65 year olds do you know that have a completely new job in this crazy economy? Not many..right?? He had two more window jobs yesterday that have not sold yet and a fence job today that he is hoping to sell. It just takes time and he is a very patient man!!

Our new kitties are still doing their own fighting!! I am wondering just how long this is going to last but have to keep a positive attitude that they will be become friends one of these days. Annie is only 3 but she looks at this new kitty, Lilly like she is just completely aggravated with her. Annie actually screams at her just like a woman's scream. It is bone chilling!! The first time I heard it I thought someone was really hurt and hurt badly!! It was just Annie telling Lilly to get out of her way!! For a bit Annie was not even eating but she has started to eat now. She realizes when the little one is asleep that is the time to get out and eat and roam. What fun!! Love being the mom of two fighting girls..CATS that is!! This is as close as they dare to get to each other. Lilly is on the left and Annie sleeping with one eye opened!! Smile!!

Our house is still on the market and will be for some time I am thinking!! We may reduce it this Spring. Our kids have reduced theirs and are hoping for some traffic soon. I think once the weather gets to be warmer that things will start. Our neighbor sold hers but she had to give it away. We are NOT going to do that not this time!!

Our son, Jon has moved to Texas now and likes his new job. He started this past Monday the 1st. He had a long trip from California and also with his finace losing her son it was a hard trip!! He is lonely but I am hoping that he makes friends soon. We are so proud of him for landing a new job in this economy. So both of my "men" are doing fine now!! Praise God!!

Me..well I am feeling so so much better. My wrist still hurts at times but it is getting better every day. My knee is still not looking great but the doctors say there is nothing that can be done for it. I just have to be patient and hope that is goes all the way down. It really does not bother me. I go to Curves 3 times a week and so both my wrist and my knee are getting the exercise that they need. I am back to working again pretty much part time but working!! Good to have some money of my own once again!! I really do love working at Curves. Such nice people there.

Guess our great and wonderful president was here in Savannah yesterday. I did not have any
desire to see him. Many did though. I have seen Nixon and Reagan guess that is enough for me. They are just ordinary men who have somehow landed the BIGGEST job in America!!

Been studying Matthew and also found this great bible that I am now having my devotions from. It uses both the old and new testament plus a little devotional for every day. It is really a good way to read your bible. It is called, " Everyday with Jesus Bible". I am really enjoying it.

I have been doing a lot of reading lately too. Seems like I just get to reading and just want to keep going. We have an outlet mall here in Savannah that has books at WONDERFUL prices. I went out there a week or so ago and bought 5 books..hard backs for $8.00. I picked up a great book called..."The Spirit of Sweetgrass". It is by Nicole Seitz. It is the story of Essie Mae. She sits along side of Highway 17 by Charleston, So. Caroling and makes her baskets out of sweet grass. If you would like to read a very light, funny and great book, go pick this one up. You will laugh and also cry through it. I dearly loved it. It is right up there with my favorites!! I am now on another book called, "Plague Maker" by Tim Downs. I love it when I can find books that are good and there is no offensive language in them. I also finished, "Shutter Island". It does have bad language but it was quite an interesting and thrilling book. Would love to see the movie!!
Get to reading, it is such a great way to learn new things!!


Julie said...

emily saw the movie. U will have to ask her how it was. We haven't gone to a movie for a while. Just rented some last weekend.
More sunshine on the way here today. Yeah!!! :)

Deanna said...

We want to see Shutter Island, too! Mary's into those scarey movies right now, but there aren't many I will see.
I think your cats will get together eventually. Girls take longer to accept each other, I think. lol
I am so ready for sunny weather, too! I'm sick of the cold! lol
Love your new blog look! Have a great day!!!

PEA said...

We've had nothing but sunshine for days now so I'll try to send you some:-) It makes getting through the winter months so much easier when we have sunshine.

So glad to hear that Mike is loving his new job. Praying that all goes well for him.

I smiled when I saw that photo of Annie and funny that that's as close as they'll get. Hopefully one day you'll see them cuddling together:-)

As you say, as soon as the warmer weather arrives, you'll most probably get more people interested in buying a house. It's such a shame that people are taking a loss when selling their house. Hang in there, no doubt the right person will come along to buy your house:-)

Good to hear that you're starting to feel so much better and back to working and exercising at Curves. Long may it continue!!

I've heard from quite a few people that Shutter Island is an excellent movie. I usually wait for them to come out on dvd:-)

Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xoxo

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy. I'm so glad to hear Mike is doing well in his job and that your son has landed a job as well. What great news.

I love hearing all your news and what you have or haven't been doing. Fingers crossed that your house sells without you having to drop the price too much. Things are bound to get better eventually.

Take care.

Denise said...

Hello my friend and I am back out and about in the blog world.... Seems that I was gone so long! So many things have happened... Your sweet DH is working and that is wonderful ! We are finally getting some sun and I am so ready for for spring......... I hope things at your house is good and the sun keeps shinning your way!

I have so missed you all!

lillinda said...

Thanks for the book suggestion, I just finished The Secret Life of Bees and was looking for another read.

Art Is Life, Life Is Art said...

Beautiful Blog entry!! I hope the Sun shines for you SOON!! Thank you for the book suggestions, as well! :-)

Technonana said...

Thanks for the "book reports"... I had seen "The Spirit of Sweetgrass" but never read it... may just have to pick it up, sounds like a great read.
I am currently reading "Dear John", by Nicholas Starks... great book, great really might like it...
the movie is coming out soon, but the book is always better than the movie!!
Praying you are having a good day!

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Connie Barris said...

I am loving the sunshine but it will be gone tomorrow as the storms roll in...

but for now...

I love the little furry sweeties... Mine is so like that.. oh to be a Cat!!!


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