Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Sunshine Award and other news

Today I received this Sunshine Award and would like to pass it on to other bloggers that i feel always bring SUNSHINE into my life when I read their blogs.

I would like to pass this onto the following:

Lazy Daisy: She helped me get my blog up and going!! Her Mr. Wonderful came up with my fascinating name!! I can never change this because no one would know who I am...thanks to Mr. Wonderful!! She has a wonderful sense of humor. I always wanted her to write a book. I told her that I would buy it!! That is the best reason for writing one!! Thanks through Daisy I have met so many wonderful bloggers from all over the world.

My Canadian Friend: I was so happy when I found this friend!! She has a great hubby that she has had to care for because of his chronic pain. I found out right away that she also loves cats and well so do I for sure!! I love reading her blog (when I can) and keeping in touch with her. I have never met her but have talked to her here on the computer through IM's. What fun!!

Barb: I first met Barb at Curves here in Savannah. She and I just became friends very easily. She even lives close to me. She was interested in my blogging so one day I got her set up!! She has been blogging ever since. Barb is a very sweet and happy lady!! She always brings Sunshine to me when I am with her or when I read her blog!!

Melli: This is a REALLY fun lady as many of you know that know her. We had a blogging babes week here at my house and had a ball. She even let me color her hair!! She writes in a very funny and relaxed style which I just love!! She is a good friend..so this Sunshine award should go to her...

Denise: This lady is someone that i would love to meet!! She takes care of both of her parents which is a completely full time job!! She and I have been friends for some time too. This is what I dearly love about blogging..meeting these sweet people that I would have never met any other way!! Sending Sunshine your way....

This sweet lady lives in Canada also!! I love the Canadian bloggers!! She is a very giving person and is always giving away gifts of which I was once a winner. I don't remember how I met her but I have loved going to her blog all these years now and enjoying her life right along with her...


In other news: It has been a long time since I actually blogged!! Many things have happened..some fun and some not so fun like the news we received this morning from our son, Jon in California.

He is engaged to a beautiful lady named, Maria. She lost her 30 year old son yesterday suddenly. They are not sure why yet as they will be doing an autopsy soon. They are all just devastated of course.

Jon just landed a job in Texas and will be leaving for there this week. Now he is torn with leaving Maria and trying to get to Texas to start his new job this coming Monday the 1st. This has been a terrible shock to this family. Jon said Oscar was like a son to him so this is not a good time for our son.


I finally HAD TO CELEBRATE that 65th birthday with wrinkle cream going on my face as quickly as I could get it there..No really, I did not feel good on my birthday. I think this one really got me and of course I LET it get to me. I am now on the other side of it and living to tell about it. I guess it did not hurt!! I am still the same lady!!

Mike is doing well and will be starting his new position this coming week. He has been going back to school which I am sure at 65 cannot be the thing we all want to do...he is very willing and is putting himself out there for the both of us. What a great hubby that I have!! Course anyone that has ever read this blog of mine knows how I feel about him..Fortunate, lucky, blessed and certainly in Love with this man!!

Our two kitties are still having their battles but this mom of kitties is hoping that soon we can get this all behind us and both of our little ones will live in harmony. I have my squirt bottle and when battles happen I am there squirting away!! I talked to them and tried to tell them that they NEED to get along....Hmmm..Wonder if they listened!!

Savannah is into Spring now and oh do I love this time of the year. Usually around here from about Feb till April it is gorgeous. The flowers will be starting to pop out soon. I have seen some of the buds on some trees are already coming alive!! I love living in this state..Hope I get to stay!!

Well this has taken me a long time to get together!! I am not the blogger that I used to be and I know it. I wish that I could get back to reading others blogs and posting every day but that has not happened this year. Life has seemed to get in the way...Oh speaking of life...I am back in my splint on my left hand again...The bone has healed but the cartlidge is giving me fits..pain mostly. I am in this thing again for at least 2-6 more weeks. GREAT!! That big fall of mine is never going to leave me alone.

Hang in there fellow Bloggers

Thought for the day: "We do not stop playing because we grow old, We grow old because we stop playing!! Never be the first to get old!!"....some good advice!!


Denise said...

Congrats on your award. Nice to hear from you, love you.

Melli said...

That is GREAT advice! I'm NEVER getting old! My dear Sandy - you are so fortunate that you ONLY broke your wrist with that fall! Think! It could have been a HIP! THAT would have been horrible! I know - all these weeks battling this thing SEEEEMS like 4EVER - but it's not. A year from now you will look back and just give thanks!

Speaking of thanks! Thanks so MUCH for this blog award! I am getting QUITE spoiled - I've received it 3 times this week! :) I have such great friends...

So you're hoping to stay in Savannah. I thought I'd heard that you were going to back to Illinois... I must be confused. Well, I guess that after Mike has gone through all this TRAINING for this new job, that he really should stick around for it! Huh? :)

I am very sorry to hear about Jon and Maria's loss... that is so sad! My sister lost BOTH of her boys - each just around that age. She wasn't even over the first one when the 2nd one died. It is never fair for a parent to lose a child. We just don't EXPECT that to happen. We are NEVER prepared for it. I will keep them in my prayers, as I do you.

Saija said...

so sorry to hear of the sadness for your son .... i pray that they find God's comfort to be a real source of strength for them!

and ... awwww, thank you Sandy for the award ... *huge smile*!
we have been blog buds for a long time now, eh ... and both of us have slowed down re writing posts!!! i guess that happens ...

blessings on your 65th birthday ... every thought of you brings a smile to my face! (hugs)

PEA said...

Good morning, dear Sandy:-)

Congratulations on being given that much deserved award and thank you so much for passing it on to me as well! I'm just so glad that we've gotten to know each other through our blogs:-)

How very sad about Maria's son. Hopefully they can get some answers as to what caused his death. I can well imagine how hard this has been on your son as well.

The very best of luck to Mike on his new position!! You are indeed very lucky to have such a great husband:-)

I had to smile when I read that you have a spray bottle to break up the fights between the two cats. Mom has one as well and as soon as Tiger is into something he shouldn't be, out comes the spray bottle and he sure knows it well!! lol

Spring is a long way away over here, we don't usually see Spring weather until at least mid April or later. March is usually our snowiest month so we'll see what happens this year. Right now we don't have half the snow we usually have.

Hope your hand fully heals soon!! Take care of YOU!! xoxo

Needled Mom said...

So sorry to read about the death of Maria's son. What a tragedy. I hope they get some answers.

Yes, going back to school at that age must be a real pain. Perhaps he will really enjoy it the second time around.

I'm glad you passed the big 6-5. Somehow certain numbers just hit us harder than others.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey girlfriend, so glad you survived 65 (that means there's hope for me!). So far we have been kept very busy with shipping items to Haiti. Check out my snow man. I made it with Oscar, gotta have some firsts in the life of our grands. Gotcha all prayed up. Miss you!

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Sandy, I'm sorry to read about your hand! Hope each day finds it feeling better and better. And my sympathy in the loss of Maria's son. Heartbreaking...I'm not the same blogger I used to be either, but..its still fun when I get to it. Hubby is retired now and I love it! We talk and shop and play dominoes etc. His health isn't what we'd hope but day by day..you know, some days are better than others when you have pain. Take care, while you are seeing signs of spring, I think you said, we are still having lots of snow. I do rather like it though. It does make a nice cozy home time.

Maggie Ann said...

Whoops, wanted to say, boy are those falling hearts pretty..a lovely blog!

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