Monday, February 08, 2010

Our new baby!!

Our new baby...Lily!!
Boy how I wish I could get back into blogging. Just so many things going on day by day here that it seems to take the last back seat!! Plus you know my life is just pretty normal keeping busy day by day with the grand kids and now back to working some at Curves. Unless I can think of something that I need to get on a soapbox about well then the rest is all kind of not very interesting to my readers (of which I know are few now)

We do have a new little one here in our home. Don't ever go to PetSmart on Saturdays because that is when all of those that have animals that need to be adopted...COME!! I went and fell in love with a cutie. She is about a year old and is a Maine Coon cat!! Her name is Lily!! I figured that we could not adopt her but Mike went with Becky, Garrett and myself yesterday and well Lily came home with us. She is a very sweet cat. Our cat, Annie, that we have had for some time is not at all happy with this new set up!! She has been hissing and being very unfriendly to our new little Lily!! I just hope that with time she will give up and they can be BFF's!!

Mike is getting close to having his training over. I am sure he is going to be happy about that. We are trying to get used to this new schedule of his. I am so excited when he gets a day off. We try to spend it together as much as we can.

I am still watching Madison and Garrett when their mommy has to work. I go over in the morning and take them to school then go in the afternoon and pick them up. They stay either with me at our house or I take them to their home. Becky comes home anywhere from 9-10:00..then I get to go home. Roger is still in Illinois. He says he loves his if they can just get together as a family again! Not much going on with either one of our homes..trying to see them that is!! I am thinking that Spring will bring a new turn for us!! I would love to see them sell first since they do need to be a complete family once again!! Roger is fortunate as he gets to come home about every month...but then that just makes everyone so sad when he leaves!!

We are having pretty weather with my favorite...the SUN today!! I am not a winter person for sure. I need that beautiful sun to make my day even happier!!

Our granddaughter, Madison had a project at school to do. She had to make a poster about WWII. Since my dad was in the BIG WAR she did her project around him. She did a great job and made it to District here but did not go further. She received third!! Dad made a cassette tape for her and we had a lot of pictures she used!!

Been reading a lot this winter. I read all of the Twilight series and just loved them...Now I am reading, "The lovely bones". It is an entirely different kind of novel but I am enjoying reading it. I would like to see the movie. There are several movies our right now that were books first. I so enjoy reading the book BEFORE I see the movie!!

Not much left in this normal world of mine. I am happy to say that I live normally (whatever that is)!! I know so many people that are having health and marriage problems. I am so fortunate that I am doing great in those areas. I have the best of husbands!! But I have told you that before!! I still do not know how I have been so blessed to have been married to him for these 46 years now!! He is the BESTEST!!!

Off to get some things done today. Like my mother says, "Even if it wrong!!" Hope all is great in your world!!


Thougth for the day: "We could certainly slow the aging process down if it had to work its way through CONGRESS!" How true...aptly stated by: Will Rogers


Baba said...

Hi Sandy,wow... I am the first one to get to meet Lily...she is beautiful.I hope she becomes great friends with Annie soon !!

Congrats to Madison on her school project..and 3rd place win..

It is such a pretty day with all of the sun shinning, I am going to get out of this house and enjoy it.
Hugs, Barb

Denise said...

Lily is sooooooooooo cute, love you.

Melli said...

Boy! That saying of the day sure is the truth! Mm...

Your little Lily is just adorable! I have heard Maine Coons have a very VERY sweet disposition! I bet she and Anni will be fine before you know it.

Glad to hear Madison did so well on her school project - and that your dad had his 15 minutes of fame!

Deare Diary said...

I have been out and away from my blog for a long time. I found myself missing all of my blogging friends soooooo I am back. I will keep reading your blog as long as you post something.

Anonymous said...

Well sorry Maddie did not do better, but Dad has forgotten so many things and he gets a little tongue tied on tape. Just wish he had said more for her, he remembers a lot from time to tim. Anyway, congratualtions to her on 3rd, better than nothing at all.
Lily is a pretty cat, but still love Annie, know she is a very sweet cat. i do miss her rubbing against my let at the computer. In time they will be the Bof F, I just bet. Love you all and would like to send you some snow, but would not make you too happy. Love you all. mother

PEA said... that's the perfect name, isn't it! hehe Oh, Sandy, what a gorgeous cat she is, I've always thought Maine Coon cats have the most gorgeous markings. Give Annie time, I'm sure she'll eventually accept Lily:-)

I know how hard it is to blog and visit when life keeps you so busy, there are weeks where I'm doing a post at 1 a.m. because I didn't have time to do it during the day. That's crazy! lol We really do have to stop feeling guilty when we don't have time to visit every day. With over 100 blogs to visit, I don't even try anymore.

I can well imagine how hard it is on Becky, Roger and the kids living apart like that so I'm keeping them in my prayers and hoping that their house sells real soon. Springtime is usually when people start to buy homes so fingers crossed:-)

Congratulations to Madison for coming in 3rd on her school project! How wonderful that your dad was able to help her out with his memories of WWII.

It's sunny and 5F here today. I know that's frigid but at least it's not snowing!! lol Take care my friend. xoxo

Decadent Housewife said...

Your posts weren't coming through my reader, but are now. I have a "baby" Lily too!