Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday AM

A dreary day in usually sunny Georgia today!! I love my sun so I miss it for sure today!! We have had some painters in painting our stairwell. It is so hard to do since the ceiling is so high. This way we will soon have it done and Mike will not have had to try to kill himself to do it. Sure is looking nice and of course clean!! We also had them paint the shutters on the outside of our home so that it might make our home look more attractive!! Now we still just wait until someone decides that they would love our home as much as we do!!

Just returned from feeding our lost cat, Sammy again. I go every day and feed him...pet him..talk to him. Today I got to pick him up and he just settled right into my arms, purring and making biscuits with his front soft feet. We had him declawed and neutered when he was a baby so now he has those soft front paws. I am hoping to get him over here as soon as possible. Where he is living they will be moving in about 2 weeks so I have to do something. It is like a project! I am working hard to get him back home where he belongs. I just hope that he will come. Someday i think he might follow me home...could happen!!

I have all of my purses done and mostly delivered!! I am hoping for more orders soon. Christmas is around the corner..I am afraid!! I really enjoy doing these!!

Mike's work is slow once again. I think in a way, it has been good so that his leg has had a chance to heal. It is getting better but is going to be a slow process.

Such is the life of flip flop right now!! Not a lot of interesting things. See why I don't blog much!!

Thought for the day: "Your attitude toward life defines not only WHO you are, but the Quality of LIFE you are after."


Puss-in-Boots said...

Nothing like a lick of paint to freshen up a house, is there, Sandy?

I hope you can get Sammy to come home with you...my feeling is that you'll be successful. Good luck with that project.

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-)

Finally catching up on your latest news...how absolutely fascinating that you have found your missing cat after all those years!!!! I'm sure if you brought him home now he would be fine since he's had time to get use to your scent and touch once again. He's a beautiful cat and looking at him you'd never think he'd had such a rough life. I'm just so thrilled for you that you found him again:-)

I can well imagine how good it feels to have had the stairwell and shutters painted. I really need to paint my kitchen and living room, it hasn't been done in so many years.

It must be so exciting to be selling your purses, you truly do make such beautiful ones!

Take care of YOU and hope your week is going well:-) xoxo

Deanna said...

I wish we could buy your house! It sounds like you are in a good neighborhood.