Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Wednesday

Good Morning and Welcome to HUMP DAY...Wednesday!! Where someone came up with that title...I will never know!!

So much goes on here that sometimes my days just fly by!! I have no idea where they go!! I get up eat and then work on purses; house; bible study or something. Then it is time to get to work!!

My latest purse. I liked it so well that I am now carrying it!!

We have been watching Mike's blood pressure for the past month or so and it is just too high to please me. I finally got a doctor appointment for him in the morning. The doctor that he sees is like in a fortress when it comes to trying to get an appointment. The next aggravating thing is that once you get there and you are on wait sometimes another 2 hours before you even get in the examining room. Once in there you sit for who knows how much longer..30 plus minutes. Finally the "man of the hour" shows up!! I so hated this and the way this particular doctor talked to me that I quit and found a great new female doctor that I just simply LOVE!! You go to her office..sit maybe 5 minutes... go in and she is right there!! That is the way it should be..Getting an appointment is just as easy too. I always think that when you are sick why should you have to WAIT!! Mike just will not switch and between you and me I think it is because MY doctor is a female..MEN!!

I have half of my orders for purses all finished now!! I have no time to make new ones which i would love to do so I just keep keeping on with the orders. I have one about half done but then again will have to line in once I get it completed. I LOVE doing this!!

Prayer request: Our 16 year old granddaughter, Katie is going to be having some tests. She just needs us to pray for her. Our almost 18 year old is having hip surgery on the 23rd of this month. Both girls are Julie's and she is a little overwhelmed right now with all of this!! OF COURSE...I would be too...but she needs to remain positive about it all!!

Our youngest daughter and hubby have decisions to make concerning moving!! That means that we will move too..We both have homes to sell and in this economy it is very very hard. We have had ours for sale for over a year now. Dropping the price again today to see if that helps at all!!

Always something in this life to make it challenging!! God is still in control and I know it!!

Enjoying our Precepts Study this Fall with Matthew!! We are doing the first half..then slipping in Titus before Christmas. We will finish Matthew after Christmas. Great Study!! If you ever find a Precepts in your part of the world GO!!!..You will not regret it!!

About as good as I can do for today!! We have a 90% chance of rain today!! So you reckon it will rain?? Smile!! We have been so fortunate with hurricanes this year!! So happy for that..Still have not been in one and really not looking forward to it either...

Take care ya'll!!


An Angel says, 'Never borrow from the future. If you worry about what may happen tomorrow and it doesn't happen, you have worried in vain. Even if it does happen, you have to worry twice.'


Baba's Special Babies said...

Good morning Sandy, your brown and white purse is so cute for the Fall.. no wonder you will keep it!!

I hope Mike gets his BP down.. my pressure is under control on my new med from our female husband will not change either!!!

I pray your two granddaughters will get over any medical problems they have and feel better soon..

Have a good day .... hugs, Barb said...

Hi Sandy, Your purse is darling! Sure don't want Mike to stroke out!! I was in the hospital in May for HB pressure. I have it down now....
I really like your new look on your blog!! Hugs Carolyn
PS will pray for the granddaughters

Melli said...

Careful Floozie! Not ALL Precepts classes are created equal! I started looking into them after you first mentioned them - and some are VERRRRRY good -- but some are so loosely based on the Bible that they're almost unrecognizable! People should take a class IF it's being offered in a church that they know and trust -- but even THEN should be careful. I know you, so I trust that your class IS a good class! :)

I'm so sorry to hear that Mike's having blood pressure issues. Especially in light of not having the best doc. He really should try a different male doctor. I don't BLAME him being uncomfortable with your doctor - if I were a man, I would want a man too! But I would want one that treated me (and his other patients) right!

Where are you (or the kids) thinking about moving to? It's so sad to leave the area and your church and all... but NEW adventures will be found! That makes it kind of exciting too.

Denise said...

Sending love and prayers your way.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe....Miss you. Gotcha both prayed up. Let me know what's going on.

Mary said...


I am keeping you, your daughters and their families in my prayers.

Just wanted you to know that I have the beautiful scarecrow lady displayed for autumn. I love her dearly.

Wishing you a great week.

Maggie Ann said...

I have prayed also...for your beloved girls. Hope your homes get good buyers!