Monday, September 14, 2009

Flip Flop is Still Flipping around

Garrett and Madison outside of the camp sign!!

My family would say that I am FLOPPING around I think!! We just returned from another trip up to Gainesville, Ga only this time our daughter and her family went along with us in our RV...YEAP 6 people this time!!

Last time Mike and I went and took our Annie with us!! She loved watching the animals and the trees out the window..THIS TIME two grandchildren running in the woods and fishing in the big Lake Lanier!! It is huge. It has over 500 miles of shoreline!! See pretty big!!

Lake Lanier from our site!!

We left late Friday night. Waited for the kids to get out of school. We drove for 5 hours and finally made it around 9:00.

River Forks Campground is the prettiest of campgrounds!! It is all wooded with the Lake all around it!! We had to set up in the dark but with our motor home it was not that hard.

The views of the Lake are just spectacular!!

Next morning we got up and met a relator lady. She took us on a tour of Gainesville. That took over 2 hours to complete. It is a relatively small community but it is spread all over the place. We saw some beautiful mountains. Living here in Savannah where it is really very flat made us really love the Northern part of this state!!

Our guide told us that a good place to called the Longstreet Cafe. All of the food was homemade. I thought it was pretty expensive but boy the food was just wonderful!! Nothing was bad at all!!

The kids had a ball fishing and playing in the water. Garrett borrowed a fishing pole from one of our neighbors and he was pulling blue gill out of the water right and left. Then taking them off and throwing them back in the water. He went around and dug up crickets and found grasshoppers to feed the fish. They saw a big bass at one time but I am sure he was smarter than the blue gill!!

Garrett with one of his blue gill..check out what his shirt says!!

The reason I named my blog today...flip flopping around is because I was coming down the trail to go to the dock along the Lake. I reached for the bar on the dock and my right foot just went. I knew that I was going so I just closed my eyes and relaxed. I really do not remember falling. I landed on my back and my neck was really hurting. Becky came running down and tried to get me up but I just wanted to lay there for a minute. I was worried about my neck. I finally got up and only had one scratch and a small bruise. I guess once my "family" discovered that I was okay they all thought back at how funny it was. Most of them saw me going and well the puns and the jokes really started going around. They were saying things like.."Let's Roll" and boy they saw that big tree fall and the Lake rippled!! Oh you know what people say when they LOVE you!! Next day i hurt some but you know I am very happy to say that my guardian angel must have been there and I landed on him for sure. All is fine!!

Here is Garrett on the dock where I fell...See the stump on the
right hand side. I just missed it!!

We had a good weekend although those long 5 hour trips were not the best. Mike drove both ways. I would never like driving our motor home. I would crash for sure. He backs it up like he just knows how to do it and of course he does.

Our RV and Car at the same spot as last time!!

We have no idea where we will be moving. We recently put our home on the market. We had tried by ourselves for several months so now we are really getting serious. We know that we cannot continue to live here for much longer and that Mike cannot continue to work as much as he does now for much longer either. We will move into our motor home if it sells and wait for our daughter and family to sell theirs and see where they go. God knows all of this so we just have given it all to him. HE already knows anyway so why worry!!

Hope you are all well. I have been the WORST of the WORST blogging friends lately. I would LOVE to get back to visiting everyone...


Denise said...

Nice to hear from you sweetie. I love the pictures. I hate that you fell, but praise God that you are ok. Keeping you in my prayers, love you.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i think gainesville is nice but before you buy you should look at hiawassee first, please! night and day! also podunk has some great lakes too. you know they are all drained in the winter thought, right? tva. (podunk is blairsville)

smiles, bee

Charlotte said...

Hi Sandy. I hadn't been around to see you in a while and decided to drop in. Sounds like you had a marvelous trip. I'm glad you are OK after the fall. I know it was scary.
Have a good week.

Denise said...

Hey flip flop!!!!!!!! Glad you are ok and the pictures are wonderful! We are going out the 14 of October with our camper and our new TRUCK!!! I will post on it later...... I want to go with YOU next time.........What a beautiful place!!!!!!!!

I am trying soooooooo hard to get out in the blog world.......I have soooooo missed you all!!!!!!

Pear tree cottage! said...

Sandy it does my heart good to come on over to visit you today, your family are as always beautiful gems and I must say it has been a lovely summer for you all, now send it over here for awhile so I can feel the sun on my face......I need that. lol lol lol Lee-ann

PEA said...

Well I'm so glad to hear that you're still flip flopping around! hehe Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Gainesville and no doubt the grands loved being able go fishing:-) I don't think I'd ever tire of waking up to that scenery of the lake near your site! Beautiful!!

LOL loved Garrett's t-shirt saying! I'm sure most kids think of their desk as a torture device!! lol

Oh dear, it's a good thing you weren't badly hurt when you fell going down the trail. I know what you mean about the jokes afterwards, though, we did the same to my mom after she had taken a spill...of course, only after we knew she was ok! LOL

I do wish you the very best of luck in selling your you say, no use worrying too much about it, no doubt it will all work out and as you say, He knows:-) xoxo

Decadent Housewife said...

Looks like a wonderful time. And breakfast below looks FABULOUS!

Susan said...

Wow, it never dawned on me that G'ville would be so many hours from Savannah. I love the pictures and am so glad that you're OK. I'm praying for you and the sale of your home.



Joyce said...

Hello, Looks like you all had a good weekend. The pictures make me wish to make a trip to Gainsville. I am glad you are all right from your fall.

Love and Hugs,