Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Hubby informed me that I have not blogged for over a week..SO I informed him...what has been going on for me to write about? answer from the hubby side lines..SO...I thought I would just sit down here and see if ANYTHING comes out of this normal non stressed brain..Yeap...I am normal and YES my stress level has been just wonderful lately. Guess that is something VERY good to talk about. I am so enjoying my life right now. I am not worrying about a thing and hope that it stays that way forever!! Would be fine with me!!

The house has still not sold..nor have we even shown it in months...but I am not worried about this either. God is in this just like HE was when we moved down here all those years ago. It was the RIGHT thing at that time and God knows when the right thing for us is coming..WE don't always know and sometimes, like now, I am just fine with that.

My parents are back home and doing fine...GREAT NEWS!! Kids are all great..that I know about. Two grands off to college this year. Boy!! They have grown up fast. The little ones are off to 4th grade, 3rd grade and 5th grade. One left in high school everyone is great. Our grands here are not back in school yet. They don't go until September 1st...My hubby's BIG BIRTHDAY!!

Mikey is going to be 65!! How did that happen? Boy I wish that I knew. He is all signed up for Medicare and my time comes in January of 2010...I think he is quite happy to be this age. Age is just a number anyway...I think it is how you feel.

This afternoon I am meeting some friends from CURVES and we are off to see "Julie and Julia". I have heard that it is good and sounds like a girly movie!!

It has been raining here off and on all morning. Nice gentle rains which are great!! My flowers are so loving it this year. Some of them are so bushy and tall and really need cut back..but not quite yet...I am still having gardenias too..Love them and their great scent.

We have a back porch of birds anymore. There are so many of them and we all love seeing them..One night we were eating and 2 hummingbirds just flew up to our back patio door and just hovered there looking at us...SO...we got a hanger for them and now they come about twice and day and feed right there so we can see them...We both love birds..Annie, our cat has her own CAT TV now to watch!!

One of our cute hummingbirds

I am still making purses. Just finished one this morning and have another one just about done. The linings are the hardest part for me but am learning how to do each one a little better than the one least I think so.

Well, looks like I have thought of some things. Love being with my grands here. They have so many questions..Like yesterday Maddie asked me if Gpa and I had a will yet...Where does that come from a 10 year old mind? We got into talking about creamation and stuff like that. Garrett said he knew what that was...he is so direct.."Gma, that is when they burn you right?" See he knows. He is quite the prankster and jokester.

Hope all is well in all of your parts of our great and exciting world. How fun to live now with so many things going on!! Each day holds a new mystery of its own..

Thought for the day: "Remember...say a kind word to someone who looks up to you in awe, because that little person will soon grow up and leave your side..."....sad thought!!


Zaroga said...

Hello Sandy!

Yes, indeed you came up with a very nice post.

You sound so up and full of life.

I like gardenias, but I'm allergic to them. Yep... make me swell up not just stuff up. So I can't get real close to them... especially if there are a lot in bloom.

School has started here... city, county and private. It used to be right after labor day that we started. Times changes and move quickly.

Write a little post at least once a week... show us pictures of the purses you are making. I wish my fingers and hands worked good enough to sew and crochet.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Sandy, Its nice to hear things are tranquil for you right now...same here. I'm going through things for our school yard sale thats coming up. Trouble is the same for me...I love to bring it all home but loathe to part with things. I'm doing very well this time though...God is helping me. ~~Wow, I can't even imagine being able to smell gardenias when you want to. Heavenly! How very nice. Only our roses have a fragrance...I think, But I discovered today the cosmos will make a nice dye for a abit of wool...if I get around to it. Better get back to my chores...nice visiting with you! =)

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like a delightfully normal week. All is well and what more could one want?

Denise said...

Enjoyed your post, love you my friend.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Sandy, I just wanted you to see how pretty a purple plastic vase turned out to be...sitting on a bright I had'nt really wanted it but it turned out to be something I enjoy. Well, I'm ready to call it a day...I'm such a night owl! Had to play a few word games on the pc you know. I like Flip Words and Upwords...and I'm trying to get better at 'Concentration'...I have to be on the easy level and even then...oh well. Hope you've had a nice evening too.

Saija said...

so glad that you are having a stress free time ... yay for that!

" Lord, i pray for that person to come along who will be buying Sandy's home ... in Jesus name ... "

my mom and my brother have their houses up for sale ... nothing yet ... but as you say, in God's time ...

(hugs) and blessings sent your way!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Sandy, good to hear from you and know that there are no dramas for you, that's always a blessing, isn't it?

I'll be 65 in January and I'm going to celebrate big time! Great fun.

Take care.

Joyce said...

Thank you for your good thoughts. I needed that. My week has not been that easy. I will sit down and think of the good that has happened.

Love and Hugs,
Joyce from Creation In Progress

Mary said...


I'm so glad that you are enjoying your life right now and yes, God knows where he wants you to be.

Our boys don't go back to school until the 8th, but they don't get out until the end of June. They are looking forward to the next couple of weeks and Brandon is kind of nervous because he is starting high school.

I hope Mikey has a wonderful birthday on the 1st.

Take care and enjoy the rest of the summer.


PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-)

Sounds like life is good to you these days...long may it continue that way:-) I think you have the right attitude about the house, it will sell when it's the right time! No use getting all stressed out about it, it won't help. Good to hear that your parents are doing well, as are all the grands.

Did you enjoy the movie? I've heard only good things about it as well:-)

Take good care of YOU! xoxo said...

Hi! Thanks for the Birthday wishes yesterday!! I did get your card and now I can't remember if I sent an e-mail and thanked you or not! If I didn't please forgive me!! I love the card!
I sure can't believe I was 71 yesterday!! My goodness the years sliped away fast!! Hugs Grams

Technonana said...

Thanks for catching us up... Think I'll put the thought up on the fridge as a reminder that they grow up soooo fast!!

Charlotte said...

Hi Sandy. I was just thinking that I hadn't been around to visit you in quite a while so decided I'd just drop in tonight. Yes, you found quite a bit to blog about I'd say. My husband blogs every day with very few exceptions. When I ask him what he's going to blog about he always says he doesn't know but he'll think about it as he's going up the stairs and as soon as he sits down at the computer he's off and running. It doesn't come quite that easy for me. LOL
We saw Julie & Julia and thought it was very entertaining.
I'm glad things are going well in your world.
Have a wonderful stress free week.

Linda said...

Seems like a lot of us bloggers have tappered off this summer. I'm hoping to blog more this fall.

You are right that God will be with you when its time to make your next move. Right now you have things to do for him where you are.

Today was the first day of school for the kids here. I always think of the first day of school as many think of the first day of the new year.

bettyl said...

When we don't try is when we come up with the most interesting of thoughts!

Betty said...

Just stopping by to say 'hi' and to let you know I have posted an update on my blog. Thank you for your concern.

I love the look on your blog. Very pretty. Glad everything is well with you.