Thursday, August 06, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Took this picture in Missouri

Once again the week has taken off and kind of left me behind in the dust!! These days, weeks and months are just flying by...Even the young kids see it!! Hm!! Wonder what is coming? Any idea??? Smile!!

Been a great week here finally being back home and enjoying my house and all that it provides for me. Have you ever just sat and thought about how wonderful it is to live in a house? I know that I have and would love to continue living here but economy is saying differently to us. It is back on the market through a website this time. HOpefully this will work this time. Husbands can only work so long and for that matter so can wives..We soon tucker out and it is time to try to figure out a new way to live. Too bad that old people have to consider this and try to think of what they are going to do. We are praying about it and we both know that God will show us a way for sure.

Our home

My home is not the fanciest but it is cool in the summer and toasty in the winter. It has a great roof that covers us and protects us from storms. It is a place where I store my STUFF and boy do I love stuff. I am trying to go through things and get rid of what I can. It is so so hard to do. If something falls off a shelf and breaks now I put it in the trash!! It is very hard for me to do but i can do it!! Our home provides a place where my hubby knows he can come home at night to a good hot meal and be able to take a warm shower and relax for the rest of the night. So many things that our homes provide for us..I think we take it for granted sometimes.

I have been lining purses this week. Tootsie and I are going out this morning to do some things that she needs doing and also get me some more linings. I am trying to think of how to decorate these purses. I would love to sell them. It would help us a lot but getting a base to work from is hard. I remember when I sold macrame' when it was popular back in the 70's. I had a wonderful business going!! Would love for it to do that again..but who knows...just keep trying!!

Two new purses..One is a bag and the other a clutch

Both of my parents passed their drivers license yesterday!! WOO HOO!! Dad will be 91 Friday and Mother just turned 85. I knew that Mother would pass but was wondering about my dad. Each year that he passes is something to be sure!!

Mikey is working really well this week. We are just blessed here!! I think he is glad to be at work. I have been pooped all week. I told him that I was just a wimp..for sure that is me. I start back working at Curves this Friday...

The news has not been exactly wonderful lately. So many people dying in such tragic ways. Horrible. I think I would be better off never hearing this stuff...but my love of TV continues...

Annie is glad that we are home. She follows us all over the house just to make sure we are still here. She is a quiet gentle kitty!!

Here she in on our un-made bed!!

Off with Tootsie this morning!! I am a blessed woman!!

Thought for the day: Definition of an adult: "A person who has stopped growing on both ends and is now growing in the middle!!" Pretty true..right???


Denise said...

Your post is bitter sweet and made me laugh and made me sad..... I am so sorry that you are having to leave your dwelling.. I hate that age bring on decisions that youth know nothing about.. We left our beautiful two story home 5 years ago and some days I so miss it, but the home we have now is wonderful ! THEN I read about your Mom and Dad.. how wonderful at their age to be driving! Do they have to take a test every year? My Dad is 91 and Mom is 89 and they have not driven in about 3 years now....... So sad to see that taken from them..... You are so blessed.... I pray that they remain in wonderful health for years to come..........

Sandy B said...

Cute purses...and tough decisions!

Anonymous said...

Yes decisions are so hard to do tough indeed. We are blessed to have passed our drivers test, as they do get tougher each year as we grow older. We just happen to have good instructors yesterday and both were so nice and understanding. Dad has had a lot of cards and lots of happy birthdays. Looking forward to his birthday party at the Pastors house tomorrow night, know we will have a lot of fun and good times. they are the best group we have known and you know that. Love your blog very nice and understand it is hard to leave your home, I really miss ours a lot, but then an apartment is all we need now. Take care and will pray all goes as you want it to. Love you Mother & Dad

Denise said...

I enjoyed this post sweetie. said...

As we grow older things sometimes get a little hard!!! :)
Isn't it neat your Mom and Dad passed there drivers test!! Your blog looks so pretty!! Hugs, Grams

PEA said...

It certainly must be very hard knowing you must give up your home but then no matter where we live, we can make it into a home filled with love:-) I sometimes look at all my collections and treasures and wonder how I would ever be able to part with any of I can understand what you're going through.

Congratulations to both your mom and dad for passing their driver's license test! As you know, Ross just had to go through that as well and he was a nervous wreck about it but since he's passed, he's a new man:-) He's now good for another 2 years before having to go through it again.

Your purses are so lovely, you do beautiful work, Sandy. I've noticed in the stores that macrame purses seem to be doing a comeback so you never know, you may be able to have a little business going again soon:-)xoxo

Mary said...


Your home is beautiful and I'm sorry that you have to leave it.

Beautiful shot of the rainbow. We don't see them often and when we do it's such a delight.

Take care, my friend and enjoy your weekend.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Beautiful rainbow photo, Sandy.

For sure, our home is our castle, isn't it? It will sell when the time is right.

Glad your parents are still independent by getting their licences. Good for them!

Have you thought of selling your purses on eBay? It's pretty easy. They take you through it step by step. Good luck with selling them...every little counts, doesn't it?

Have a wonderful weekend.