Sunday, July 19, 2009

Arrived in Illinois

Bumpy roads, with teeth almost rattled out of our mouths, dishes jumping in the cabinets, loud noises...well that describes trying to drive and ride on these Illinois highways!! We had a bumpy time trying to get here. But arrive we finally did around 5:30 pm...just in time for my dad to get confused as to where he lived and hoping that his car's battery was still going to start after being gone for 2 whole months. I think that he just got excited about finally being home. We carried all of their things in and then went to our favorite place here in Tuscola to eat...Monicals!! They do have the BEST of all pizzas. Dad was so upset that he told mother he wanted that thing with scattered things on it!! I just hope that he settles down because Mother is really worried about how she is going to care for him. I told her to try to look at it with laughter but she says it is not funny!! NO it is not funny but I guess I would rather laugh at it than to get upset and cry!! Just me I guess!!
Last night we got to Murfressboro, Tennessee. We easily found the Bill Rice Ranch. We pulled in and saw our sweet granddaughter, Brie waiting for us. We were all so happy to see her. Dad knew who she was but could not remember her name. He says that he has never been good with names...i think he is just forgetting...Plain and simple!!
We got her in the RV and went back into town. Stopped at the BIG HOBBY LOBBY and looked there. Mother and i are looking for some more of that great Sugar and Cream yarn in the striped patterns to make more things. Speaking of that...I made Maddie a cute little green and white purse while traveling. It just needs to be lined and finished. I also have another one about ready to put together once I get some more yarn. Fun but my fingers are starting to hurt!! SHOOT!!
We went to Cracker Barrel and ate. Always good food there. Back to the campground...the air was so cool!! It actually got COLD!! We heard that it made it all the way down to 56 last night!! Freezing for us but it was great to feel the cool air again.
Tonight while driving back to our RV I saw lightning bugs!! Oh I have missed those..Why don't we have them in Georgia...??? Wonder if I picked up a couple and brought them back would they make more? Smile..Mikey said I would probably get two boy fireflies!! Would be my luck!!
Well it is late. We are VERY tired. At least Dad and Mother are back home now. Been a good two days.
Oh, forgot the most important thing. Our daughter Julie was taken to the hospital Saturday in pain and feeling awful. Found out that she had to have her apendix taken out quickly. She is better now and back home. We will go there sometime this week.!! I am so thankful that she is okay!!

No though for the day and no Pictures this time..It is late and we are tired!!


Carolyn said...

Sounds like a good trip, even though there have been several things to worry you along the way. Glad to hear your daughter is doing better, and didn't have any complications from the appendix.

When will you be heading back home? Glad you are able to access the internet along the way. Isn't that wonderful? David was able to stay with me every day while keeping the trucking company he dispatches for up and running while I spent all that time in the hospital -- all thanks to WiFi and his cell phone. With all these doctor app'ts, he takes the laptop along, and gets on the load boards while we are waiting -- which is what he would be doing if he was back at the office. Thank goodness for modern technology!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm happy you made it safely. Honestly, with all the idiots on the road today, it's a wonder anyone gets anywhere without an incident of some sort. Having said that, I hope that all goes well for your trip home.

Take care.

Denise said...

Glad you arrived safely, and praise God for taking care of Julie.

Anonymous said...

Glad you made a safe trip and thankful too that Julie is feeling better. You take care.

Zaroga said...

It has been cooler and less humidity here in SW Ga the past couple of days. Yesterday morning a nice 65 degrees :-) This is so unlike a hot July in SW Ga.

Glad you arrived safely and hopefully your Dad will get oriented soon.

There are some fireflies in Ga, but think that the chemicals put on our crops and to kill the mosquitoes in cities keeps the population down.

Glad Julie is okay.

Needled Mom said...

I'm glad that your folks are safely home. I am sure it was a good break especially for your mom. I can understand her worries.

I'm also glad that everything turned out so well for your daughter.

When you figure out how to get fireflies in Georgia please let me know so I can get them in CA too!!!!

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-) Finally sitting down at the computer to visit my dear blogging friends...been much too long since I've done that! Blame it on summer! lol

Glad to hear that you arrived in Illinois safely. I know all about bumpy roads, you should see our roads here in Sudbury, so many potholes and cracks in the pavement, it's horrible. Makes you wonder where our taxes are going, certainly not on the roads!!

It's been raining and cold here for the last couple of weeks but today the sun is finally shining and it's supposed to go up to about 70 so I'm happy! I just finished hanging out two loads of laundry on the clothesline, haven't been able to do that in a while!

I love it when I can see lightning bugs...seems we don't see as many of them as when I was a little girl. They are why I love faeries, my mom had told me they were dancing faeries:-)

Hopefully your dad can settle down now that they're back home. It gets so worrying when they start losing their memory like that.

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear that your daughter Julie had to have emergency surgery for her appendix. Prayers that she heals quickly now! I remember the day Shawn came home from school with horrible stomach pains, kept saying it was just gas but I insisted on bringing him to emergency and sure enough, his appendix was just about ready to rupture. The doctor told us another 5 mintues and it would have...causing more problems!!

Take care of YOU! xoxo

Susan said...

I love going to Ohio at this time of year so that we CAN see lightning bugs. We leave on Thurs. and have been told to bring our jackets. That's a really weird feeling when we're SWEATING to death down here. Hope the rest of your trip is "non-bumpy".



Saija said...

hope your folks have settled in ok ... and that you aren't totally pooped out at this point!

blessings on you!

Maggie Ann said...

You're a peach of a daughter! How scary for you all and especially your Julie to have that pain and surgery! I'm glad all is well now and your parents are settled back into their home nest. How good to know the Lord is with each of us all the time. Lifting up a tiny prayer for your Mom & Dad.

Mountain Mama said...

Glad your trip was safe.
Mountain Mama