Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday the Beautiful!!

It is just gorgeous here today!! I can really see Spring coming. The temp is about 78 and the sun is shining just brilliantly!! It is very very hot in the sun...Course living here in Savannah close to the marsh, we have these nasty little gnats with huge teeth. Everytime they bite me i itch and my skin gets red and swells..Great!! They are always out on the prettiest and nicest of days and then when the REAL HOT stuff hits they hide like we do!! Smile!!

This morning we took our granddaughter, Maddie back to her home. Mike stayed and helped Roger with their fence. Our lovely association (assasination, I call it) has told them that their fence has to be 2 ft taller because of their trailer. Funny thing is that making the front of their fence taller it makes the fence of their neighbors look funny and of course short!! Our neighbor hood association is just a big bunch of dumb ego ridden people!! They think that what they say is as if they are gods...small g of course!! This is one of the reasons that we want out of here. I wonder if they would like to pay our house payment..since they think they own us anyway!!??

While we were there i thought i saw something funny on Garrett's neck. I knew that he did not have a mole there..Sure enough it was a tick..But I guess it was a small one and Roger picked it right off..So now my hair and my skin are just itching to death. The kids play in the woods behind their house all of the time and of course that is where he got it. He doesn't care..he is a boy..he will go right back out there..But you watch..Maddie will think twice about that from now on...

Yesterday my right knee was in such pain that I finally take a more potent drug and of course that put me out...I did not make it to church because i just really did not care..You understand what I mean. I LOVE our church but not when I hurt so bad!! I am hoping to call the orthopedist tomorrow and see what can be done...

See Annie our sweet cat!! She was laying down on the sofa with me just like she does every night..She just kind of shoves herself up again me and falls to sleep..Here she knew that Mike had the camera and sleep was not going to happen for!! She has been abused I think before we got her because she is so afraid of Maddie and Garrett...Maddie would not hurt her for anything but she runs and hides the whole time she is with us....too bad!! People should be abused themselves if they hurt an animal..My opinion...

I was coming home from working at Curves yesterday morning...As I turned onto our street I saw this little tiny black boy in a diaper walking right down the middle of the street. My neighbor had been coming toward me in her car. She stopped very quickly and grabbed him before he got hit. I stopped to make sure that he was okay. They finally figured out what house he had came out of!! I don't think he could have been over 18 months old...WOW!! That was a shock to see that little guy walking almost in the traffic!!

Off to rest now. Hopefully everyone is doing great and there is NO PAIN in your life right now..Not a fun thing. My mother goes tomorrow to see her orthopedist too and guess is her right knee also!!


11 comments: said...

Hi Sandy, I am so sorry you are having so much pain. I can feel for you!! I found out I have fibromyalgia last month. I haven't posted about it yet.

I was so glad to find out I wasn't nuts thinking how bad I hurt!! I go to see our local Doctor in a week or so and I am to talk to him about it.
I prayed this morning about Mike and his work. Bless your heart you all have to have work!!

Your kitty cat is just beautiful!!
My girls like to Geo casheing and most of the stuff is in the woods! They always come home with ticks and have to take care of them little critters!! Hugs, Carolyn

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey girlfriend, Glad to know you still have your smile, even if you had to pay for it. So sorry your knee is hurting. Gotcha both prayed up as well as your mom. Miss you. See you soon.

Peggy said...

I hope your knee pain has slacked off so you can enjoy this beautiful day. Its 80 here and hot. I so dread summer. William is home and we have been moving goats, tilling more garden spots and catching things up. His transmission is tore up on the big truck which means we have to fork out $3000 to get it fixed. Troubles just seem to come all at once don't they.

Smilingsal said...

Ow, I understand knee pain so bad that it would prevent you're going to church. What a shame! I do hope it eases up a bit. (I've had both knees replaced.)

Glad you had the time with your granddaughter.

Decadent Housewife said...

Sorry to see you in pain.

Maybe Annie is just shy? She is a beauty. Our darling pet is that way with everyone but me. She's never been abused.

Jeanine said...

Aunt Sandy,
I love the picture of you and Annie. People who aren't cat lovers just wouldn't understand but I do totally. Our cat Ditto loves to snuggle too. What would we do without our little pals?!!!!
Love you.

Denise said...

I am sorry you are hurting dear, praying for you. The weather here is also beautiful, I love it.

Darlene said...

We had a beautiful weekend! It is hard to believe that last Sunday we had snow and now the temp is in the 70's. Alabama weather I guess!
Hope you are feeling better!

Melli said...

Oh boy! I hope you can get that knee taken care of. I'm starting to have HIP pain - of all things! I just don't even wanna think about it!

I didn't know you daughter & her husband lived in your same neighborhood. I don't know why, but I was thinking they lived several miles away... hm.

WHAT in the WORLD did the mother of that child have to say? I can't imagine! I know the little buggers can slip away quickly... all I can say is fortunately it never happened to me! I bet she was relieved y'all found him!

Needled Mom said...

OMG...I am glad that little toddler didn't get hit. That would have been awful.

Glad things have warmed up for you folks. Too bad it brings out the bugs.

Hope the knee feels better soon.

Sherry said...

Good luck with the knee.

Don't you love the weather we're having in our region?