Saturday, January 10, 2009

Grand Torino

It all begins with a very lonely older man having just lost his wife!! He is of the "old school" where another nationality does not belong here in the USA!! He has those great names that he calls them all. It also prefaces around a well loved and well taken care of 1972 Dark Green Grand Torino. He is very proud of his car...This goes on for a bit until an Vietnamese family moves in next door to him...

This is a great movie that shows no matter how old you are you can change your attitudes and already pre-formed ideas of people!! He is an old crusty Korean war veteran and remembers how he has killed so many men in the war....

I loved this movie since I have heard this will be Clint Eastwood's last movie!! He did a great job with his LAST one...Mikey and I just loved it...

The only bad part for me was the language!! I just hate bad language..Call me a prude..but that is something I have a time dealing with in a book or a movie...BUT this movie had to have that language for it to be true to the way the gangs talk...It for some reason did not offend me as other movies have done!!

I really recommend "GRAND TORINO" if you would like to see a good performance by Mr. Eastwood and the two young Vietnamese kids that are in this!!

As for today...We went out looking at homes today in Effingham Country!! We found one that is a foreclosed home. It would be perfect home for us..A little brick ranch house with 2 acres..We could easily store our motor home and work trailer and well a lot more there. We called about it and of course it is over our heads..The relator was very nice in telling us that if we wait a few more months and were Not in a HURRY, that they were hoping that the market would stabilize itself.

This little home needs a lot of work but that would not be a problem for has 4 bedrooms; 3 whole baths; cute front room; kitchen; dining area and a closed in back porch...We are just praying about it and wherever God wants us to be!! Best plan we both think!!

Beautiful day again is 68 now Sunny and just a gorgeous day!! This is the winter time that I love having!!

Thought for the day: "Every sunrise is a message from God and every sunset His signature"...William Aruthur Wood


Smilingsal said...

I with you; I hate the profanity too, and for that reason alone, I will not see this film. I'll wait until it shows on TV. They remove most of the language offenses, and then I can enjoy it. Thanks for the tip.

Peggy said...

I waa wondering about that movie. Thanks for letting me know what you thought. 4 bedrooms and 3 baths??? I am so glad we downsized moving here. We have 3 bedrooms and a bath after living with 4 and 2. I still have too much and would like to have a small 2 bedroom cabin. Have a blessed weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Sandy with your house hunting. This is probably a good time to buy. I wish we had a place where we could park our RV next to the house. I hate keeping it in storage. It is such a pain having to go get it, then load it up. And when we get back we have to have it out of here within 72 hours. Hate that.


Melli said...

Ya know... that movie sounds like one I just might wanna see! Still haven't seen the Secret Life of Bees! UGH! But I have always loved Clint Eastwood. And it sounds like a positive story line... so maybe. Dennis likes him too.

I'm praying for your home hunt. Do you REALLY want 4 bedrooms? That's a LOT of house to clean! I'd be lookin' to downsize... But I guess the right PRICE is going to be the most important thing!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Four bedrooms and three way, too much to look after for me. I like my little granny flat, plus my daughter does the floors for me.

Glad you enjoyed the movie.

Sandi said...

I heard and saw great things about that movie and hope to go see it too.

Zaroga said...

The movie sounds good. Thank you for the review.

I wish you luck on the house hunting. Things will happen when the time is right and the home that is meant to be will happen.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, this house looks wonderful and no stairs to climb makes it even more special!!!I am hoping it will become your home one day..

We went out to eat at Love's Seafood place tonight with a couple down the street..I had the grilled flounder and it would melt in your mouth.. so good..

Well girlfriend, I am off to take pictures of the full moon and get Mr. Fred inspired for tonight!!

Enjoy the rest of your week-end.
Hugs, Barb

Needled Mom said...

I really see no reason to add all the bad language to the films. I'm with you all the way.

68* is sounding a whole lot better than snow and freezing weather.

Good luck with the house hunting.

Denise said...

Cute house...... it will be interesting to see if the price comes down in a few months...... What fun turning it into something of beauty!

Me and DH are talking about that movie....... it really looks like a great movie.....thanks for the heads up!

Nancy said...

Thanks for the info on the movie. How exciting looking at houses... keep praying and God will guide you. I agree... every sunrise is a message from God and that is a blessing indeed!

Denise said...

I love you.

Susan said...

The movie sounds like it might be one I'd like. I'm with you on the language though. It bugs me.

I'm praying for the housing situation for you...and for God's direction.



Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

I detest bad language, too. That's why we don't have the movie chanels on cable.

I love your header. It's beautiful.

Have a good week.

Technonana said...

I heard from a friend that the movie was good, but the language left something to be desired.
I will be praying with you about the house... it seems to fit your needs quite nicely!!
and I love the quote for today...
I may steal it!
Oh, the weather channel reported this morning that we are in for a huge change in our weather this week. By Friday.. the high for my city will be 38 CHILLLLY DEGREES, and since you are not too far away..I'm sure you may feel the 'chill' too!!
Love you!