Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend is almost over!!

Hopefully everyone has had a wonderful weekend!! We here in Savannah are great!! The weather has been great. Today it is a little cooler and this afternoon is kind of dreary but other than that pretty good!! I will not complain!! No real cold biting winds or real low temps so that is great with me!!

Yesterday hubby and i were out trying to get some things for the motor home so that we could be ready to leave this week. While we were out we went past a Sonic and saw this guy/gal out there dancing...I hope that he was having a great time and also that he/she was paid well. I told hubby that he probably had an ipod underneath his costume and was having fun dancing to his own music!! I took a couple of pictures. I just thought for those of you that do not know what a Sonic is...I think it is the hillybilly way to have Sunday dinner!! Smile!! No, I am just saying that because we drove through today (Sunday lunch) and picked up some hamburgers and brought them home. Remember years ago when you had a good meal on Sundays..Well that never seems to happen here anymore.

Yesterday when we were coming back home we got into the traffic trying to get into Savannah to shop at the malls. This traffic was at least 5 miles from the mall. Crazy this time we all call Christmas!! I am so done and do not want to think about it anymore. We really cut back this year!! Not getting near as much as in the past years. After all I think it is really silly!! After all it is not what Christmas is really about anyway!! I do love seeing people open what I give them..I would rather do that than get a gift myself!!

Soon we will be leaving for Christmas. I tried to decorate our motor home some. Hubby put a wreath on the front of the motor home then I tried to do some decorating inside!! Want to look a little festive!!

I am going to try to get to your blogs as soon as I can. Trying to keep up!! Don't you find it hard sometimes!??

Hubby is still feeling bad..coughing!! Last night after church I went to the liquor store!! Yeap, never been to walked in there and said..I never buy liquor but I need some whiskey to make a hot toddy!! She was nice and got me a bottle and of course put it in a brown bag for this little lady to take back to my car that has a BIG sign on the back..naming my church!! Oh well..and she did not even card me!! Smile!! You know i have never been carded!! Guess I have been too good!! ya think?

Better quit while i am ahead!! Have a Happy Week!

Thougth for the day: " Open mouth, insert FOOT!!"


char72 said...

What a cute post. We have a Sonic not far from our house. I love their sonic burgers. Hubby likes their chili dogs. We're always saying we're gonna get one of their famous milk shakes but so far we haven't done it. We just talk about it.
Have a nice trip.
Christmas hugs,

Needled Mom said...

I do hope that you will not get into that bitter cold weather that is where you are headed.

My grandfather made me a hot toddy once when I visited them and was sick as a dog. He made it for me and told me to go take a hot bath while I drank it. Sure enough, I felt great the next day, but it was nasty stuff!!!! I thought I was on fire inside. :)

Have a safe trip. Looking forward to the snowy pictures.

Denise said...

I love you my friend.

Mary said...


We saw Sonic when we were in the states last year but we didn't eat there. I will be sure to give it a try next time we're across the border.

Hot toddies helped hubby. He is getting better and I'm still sick. Mmm! Makes me wonder if I should make myself one, but with the meds I take I don't think I'll take the chance.

Another thing I've been giving hubby is Breathe Easy Tea and Respiractine. See if your local health food store has it.

Take care. I hope your hubby is feeling better soon. This stuff takes about 2 weeks to a month to get rid of.


Chris said...

I like Sonic, we have one close to us, but I don't go there often. Wish I could though.


Smilingsal said...

I've never been to Sonic, but I don't much care for fast food. Your traffic is outrageous. Yes, it is hard to keep up with visits and comments to blogger buddies, but I think it's worth the time I give.

Hootin' Anni said...

I've tried Sonic, but never liked them...their toast is soggy. LOL

Anyway, if you want to be in on the drawing for my blog giveaway, the rules state on the giveaway site to ADD you comments ON THE giveaway NOT my personal blog. Jump over there when you can and add your name in the comments there!!!!

Good luck.

Melli said...

ROFL! I hope Mike enjoyed that hot toddy! What you will DO for the man you love!!! LOL!

I am sO excited about Christmas this year! Just soooo excited!!!

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

I hope your hubby feels better soon. My Mom never had a drink of whiskey, etc. a day in her life, but she believed in a hot toddy to cure a cold. I think she mixed it with honey and maybe something else.

I love, love, love your look on your blog. The snow falling really sets it off. And your header is just beautiful. The entire blog is beautiful. Congratulations on a job well done.

Have a good trip, Sandy, and Merry Christmas to you and all your family.

Hope said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for stopping by to welcome me back. I feel so out of the loop and it will take a while to catch up with everybody!

I'll have to go back and read to figure out where you're off to in your motor home!! :) I would love to do that especially at Christmas but I'd like to take my whole family with me! LOL

I love the little Sonic guy and I especially love their onion rings! :)


Jennifer said...

You know me well enough to know I can't resist a Sonic post! :) I hope that Mike gets to feeling better soon. I have also heard that if you put Vick's on the bottom of your feet and wear socks it will quiet a cough overnight...I have never tried it though!
Your blog looks beautiful! I love the Christmas decor!

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, Hope Mike starts feeling better soon. Gotcha all prayed up. Hope you do well working at Curves for the next few days. Miss you.

Kathleen Marie said...

Somethings I think some of the "old fashioned remedies" are the best and actually have less drugs. I have a old friend who sworse Snaaps (sp) was the best thing for a cold. I never could argue her logic. She never seemed to have a cold either! Ha!

A cute post and sure wish it was warm enough here for flipflops... It's below zero and lots of snow! Hugs!

Charli and me said...

I like the idea that you decorate your motor home. How festive is that! You are right when you say Sunday dinners aren't what they used to be. I've never been to a Sonic either. Have a safe trip.

PEA said...

Are you sure you don't want me to send you some of our snow???? hehe

Yup, I remember when I was living at home, mom always made a roast or something big like that on Sundays but as you say, you don't see much of that anymore.

Isn't the traffic crazy at this time of year, it's the same everywhere I guess. I don't even dare go near WalMart these days, it's insane!!

I was in my 30's the first time I ever went into a liquor store:-) Even now if I have to go get something, I feel so lost! lol

I do find it VERY hard to keep up with all the blogs I visit but I've learned not to feel too guilty if I can't visit everyone every day. I'd have to spend most of the day at the computer! lol

Have a wonderful week my friend. xoxo