Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Hey there fellow bloggers!! Another beautiful and gorgeous 70 degree weather day here!! It is just balmy out today!! So funny when you think it is December 18th!! WOW!! I went out to get the mail and wow it is almost HOT outside now!!

I have been cleaning up the house so that we can leave to go North!! I always clean before I leave home for an extended amount of time!! Sounds silly but I want things to look good!! We have a sweet lady that will be stopping in twice a day to keep an EYE on Annie!! I did not think it would be a good idea to take her into that cold weather when we really did not have too. Plus with my parents in the motor home too it might cause too much for them. She is staying put!!

I was thinking (Yes I do think) this morning about some things that just aggravate ME!! Do you have things like say this:

  • I so dislike trying to read a magazine with all of those pieces of cardboard that they have so sweetly included. I always tear them out and somehow it makes me feel better!! I just pulled 12 of those silly things out of the magazine that came in the mail today!!
  • I dislike being behind a driver and they took 10 minutes to turn a corner!!
  • I am having a lot more patience as i get older but some of these things I just want to scream sometimes.
  • I really get angry when I am on the big highways and someone in front of me thinks that they need to leave 10 car lengths between them and the next car!! If I have a chance, I can pass.
  • People that wait until the last minute to do things!! I have never been that way so I am wondering how people get along doing that!!
I went to get my nails done yesterday!! I wish that you could see better my cute little snowman that Tommy put on my nail!! Here is a picture but it does not show it as well as I would have liked it!!

This is so cute!!

My parents and daughter in Illinois are having snow, ice and freezing temperatures and we are going there!! WHEW!! I am thinking that we might be a little crazy!!

This is my dad and mother's car!! UGH!!

Need to get busy and get some more work done!! Take care and hopefully you will have a MERRY CHRISTMAS in your part of the world..COLD or WARM!! It is still the time we celebrate the birth of our Savior!! Praise God!!

Oh remember the JOURNEY that we have at our church....Some 13,000 people came and went through it this year!! That is just something!! WOW!!

Thought for the day: "Because we are HIS we cannot quit!! Because of HIS promises we won't!!"


Denise said...

I love you my friend, big hugs.

Melli said...

LOL! You better NEVER get behind ME on the BIG highway -- cuz I leave as much room between me and the car in front that I can possibly leave! And it TICKS ME OFF when people always think they gotta invade that space! I'm not rearending that guy when HE has to slam on his breaks - just so you can get there 5 minutes sooner! NO WAY!

Dennis HATES those magazine inserts too. They don't bother me... I DO always take them out - but it doesn't bother me to do it. He grumbles about them every time! LOL!

LOVE your snowman! He is cute! And festive!~

Peggy said...

tell your mom to send some snow down this way!! Have a wonderful trip and relax when you can!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, it is 80 degrees this afternoon !!! I am busy baking some goodies for my neighbors while I listen to Christmas music..I have opened up the windows in the kitchen because it it too hot with the oven warming up this house..

I love your snowman on your fingernail.. too cute..your granddaughters will love it !!!!

Have a great trip and enjoy your Christmas with all of your family..
See you when we get back home..
Hugs, Barb

FourOf5zs said...

Out in Spanaway WA where my brother and his family live... tomorrow the high is suppose to be 27F and the low 15F. I prefer the warmer weather :-) We'll be back to our normal weather this weekend.

I seem to have gotten more impatient as I've aged.

The attached cards in the magazines don't bother me, but the ones that fall into my lap do.

Here... sometimes they take a while to turn the corner and then again they never slow down or even look to see if a car is coming.

Cute snowman. My nails never get that long... they just bother me when they are long.

Merry Christmas.

Smilingsal said...

Tell your mom to send the snow North. I'll keep my nice temperature of 75 and my blue skies!

I guess all of that snow on your blog landed on your nail!

Lanny said...

You know, I don't get those people who wait until the last minute either. How do they do that? I usually need to wait a minute or two after that last minute before I know it's a good idea to even begin to consider doing "it" let alone get started. I think it makes life last way longer that way, don't you?

No, really I get what you're saying, I've always wished I had received that innate drive to never procrastinate, never get sidetracked, thinking that I had plenty of time to do everything. I'm sure that my husband, children, parents, friends, neighbors and fellow volunteers would have appreciated it if I would have bothered to develop that in myself.

Have a good trip and an incredibly Merry Christmas!

Technonana said...

It's great to celebrate Christmas with family no matter what the weather!!!
I will be praying that you have a safe trip!!
Merry Christmas, My Friend!!

Deaqnna said...

Have a very, merry Christmas! Have a safe trip!!!

Linda said...

Many times I'll put those cards from magazines back in the mail so the company can pay the postage. hehe!!

You have very young hands....lucky girl!! The snowman is so cute.

Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

Hootin' Anni said...

My dad always got p o'd at drivers like you and me [I get irked at the same]....he'd say to me "What's your all fired hurry? You just have to hurry up and wait longer". LOLOLOL

Hey....y'all have a safe trip driving up to icy Illinois!!! And have a wonderful holiday with family.

Lazy Daisy said...

Hope you can take some of that warm weather with you to Illinois. Looks like both of us are heading into ice and snow. I'm really enjoying your leather jacket. I'm afraid this will be the last year I can wear it. Do you mind if I pass it on to Beckie (my neighbor, or would you like it back to pass it on to someone else?) Sorry I missed you this morning on line. I was baking cookies. Hope Mike is feeling better.

Hope said...

Hi Sandy,
We are having the warmer temps in VA too. Up in the upper 60's today. I was so thrilled when we got snow a couple of weeks ago but since then it's mostly rain. I'm not complaining though since we've had drought conditions for 2 summers now!

Love the little snowman on your fingernail!! So cute!


Denise said...

That is sooooooooo funny because I hate those cardboard things in my magazines..... I even pull them out when in a Dr office or waiting room of any kind..... they are a nuisance.... and I hate people that has to turn the corner in stages !!!!! hahahhaha

Have a very Merry Christmas girl.. be safe, be well......... be Blessed

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I couldn't imagine how cold it is there.

That's a cute nail art. I love it.

I would like to wish you and your family a beautiful Christmas.

May you have a safe trip. God bless.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oooh, it does look cold where you're going. I'll stay right here, thanks.

That's a classy nail you have there, very clever.

Have a wonderful and blessed Christmas with your family, Sandy and do keep safe driving there. BTW, I'm one of those people who leaves a huuuuuge space between me and the car in front. It's so I have heaps of room to take in an incident if it happens and stop if I need to, so that I don't hit him from behind.

Sandy B and Dick said...

Cute snowman!!! Have a safe journey.

FourOf5zs said...

I have an award for you.. so stop by and pick it up when you have time.


Saija said...

it was warm enough for a walk here! ya! but that meant snow ... which made it pretty and quite christmasy!

blessings on you!!!

Jeanine said...

I can tell I'm related to you. Those same things aggravate me too. I lack in the patience department. I hate getting behind someone that won't drive the speed limit. They want to go 5mph slower than it is. Ughhh
Have a safe trip up to this wintery wonderland. It's supposed to be a high of 18 here tomorrow. Brrrrr
Love you.