Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Guess I have nothing else anymore important to thinking is what I am about this afternoon....

I am thinking that I wish Dec 1st were not so far away!! I go to the neurosurgeon that day!! I tried to call today and see if I could get a quicker appt because of this pain...but it did not work out at now i am thinking that I am waiting again!! I can do this!! I can wait out this pain!!

I am thinking that it is a beautiful day outside and also happy though that I am at home!! I did not get called to go to sit with Mrs. B today and it is as well that I did not go..after yesterday..locking my keys in the car and not getting to go. Yesterday afternoon my back and hips were in such a shape that I had to resort to pain medication and heat for the afternoon....Not going there this afternoon!!

I am thinking that I have a lot of blogging friends!! Wow!! One of them today has a birthday...Miss Denise over at Shortybears Place is a little bit older today!! She is very young in comparison to me of course!!

I am thinking that this cup of hot tea that I have right here is going to taste good and warm up this ole' tummy of mine.

I am thinking that tonight hubby and i are off to the Westin Hotel in downtown Savannah for our Savannah Christian Church's holiday banquet!! We have been a couple of is fun with a lot of food and a lot of people that we have never seen before. We have a VERY large church and you wonder...where did these strange people come from? Smile..But of course I am just thinking!!

I am thinking that laying down might be a good idea but it makes me feel like i am lazy...Ever felt that way? i do a lot!! Not into laying down...

I am thinking that I will not lock my keys in my car again..because this morning I got another key made and this one is in a different place so when I need it i will at least be able to get into my car!! That was nuts yesterday!!

I am thinking that I really loved filling my car up with gas this morning..I paid $1.75 at Walmart and am thinking that I filled it up for around $16.00.....back to more normal prices!!

I am thinking that I should go downstairs and do some Wii fit but wow it is cold down there..It is like a cave...It is nice in the summertime but really COLD in the winter now. I do love Wii fit and am glad that we got it...I am thinking that it cost way too much but what do you do???

I am thinking that tomorrow probably will be my last time to sit with Mrs. B. Tootsie is coming home and she should take over the job next week..Course Mrs. B has to like her...but you just never know how Mrs. B is going to be....

I am thinking that i like my new blog look!! I figured out how to do the background finally then worked on the header...Had to write to our friend Hootin Anni a couple of times but finally AGAIN with her help the header got fixed...I want someday to never have to ask her again!! I am just thinking of course!!

Well enough of looking into my silly brain for one day!! Exhausting isn't it? Like my hubby would say..brain...You have a brain???? That is what he said after they did my first MRI years ago when I was having so many headaches...I told him that they had not found anything and well you know what he said after that statement?? He loves me!! Yeap!!

Thought of the day: " No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on and it will be better tomorrow!"....well again i am just thinking!!


Peggy said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon! Have a wonderful evening.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

feel better honey. i'm sorry you are feeling bad...

hugs, bee

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey babe, so sorry you are in pain. Gotcha all prayed up. I'm hoping you can get into see the doctor sooner. Were your ears burning. We talked a lot about you. Feel better soon.

Melli said...

You didn't HURT yourself doin' all that thinkin' today did ya? *G* We MISSED you yesterday and today! We SO wished you were with us! We had FUN - but we would have had even MORE fun if you had been there too! (and maybe if mom stayed home...) lol... no - she did FINE... it's just ME!

Pear tree cottage! said...

My Dear friend I am so pleased you did all that thinking about all those things that are important to you today.........I too partied on a little like Miss Denise today 20th Nov. there are so many of us born on that date.

My husband is doing so well with just some memory loss and we get all test results next week but like you the date you can see the specialist seems so far away.......blessings to you dear friend.


Denise said...

I am very sorry that you are in pain my friend. I love your new look. Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday, love you.

Hootin' Anni said...

I know...I know!! I'm lovin' the gas prices!!! Thank gawd!!!

Hope your pain didn't deter enjoying your night out with your church group.

Now...stop thinking so is even beginning to hurt ME!!

Smilingsal said...

I do like your new blog look and just haven't yet mentioned it. I think you should lie down; that's really the only help for a herniated disk.

Lady of Value said...

Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving me the encouraging note! I feel better today, I just have days that get to me more than others, you know?

Hope you get to feeling better!

Linda said...

Sorry to hear you are still having so much pain. My head is hurting from all your thinking. lol Don't feel guilty to lay down if it makes you feel better.

I love your new look. I'm just going to wait until after Thanksgiving and do a Christmas theme.

I've tagged you for a meme. Stop by when you have time.


Amazing Gracie said...

I'm so sorry you're still hurting so much. Hopefully the days will fly by and you'll get the relief you need...
I needed to read your post today. You always have that uplifting spirit, no matter how you feel. I really appreciate that. Your last sentence hit me between the eyes.
My husband was laid off yesterday and we're really sunk. Would you please remember us in your prayers?

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. I'm sorry that you're experiencing pain and discomfort. I pray that you will be better soon. I hope the doctor can give you the best possible treatment to help your condition.

I love the new look of your blog.

Take care.

brie said...

hey grandma! i just got one of these blog things. i had one awhile ago, but i never used it. i figure that now that i'm in college i'll have more to blog about, maybe. even though i probably won't have time to write on it much, i've made two posts already!! :]

not exactly sure what i'm doing on here, but i will figure it out as time goes on, i'm sure.

love you!

Deanna said...

I hope you feel better very soon! If you need anything let me know! I'd be happy to run errands or stop by the store for you! Take care!

email me if you need something!

I check it often!