Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rainy Day Sunday

Rain all day, dreary but warm enough that it is not just for that I am thankful!! It is actually 62 here now!!

We have had a good 4 days. Hubby has been at home so that has been good for me at least!! We have re-arranged our house (not me, I had to watch). We decided that we just do not use our dining room so we have changed it into a sitting room where I will be able to sit after surgery and not have to be in bed all of the time. You see we have a very nice family room down 14 steps!! So...I am not going to want to go up and down those after surgery!! Now I have a nice place to be..TV and all!! I think we will use this room more. We are going to be giving our diningroom things to our daughter in Illinois whenever we can get them up there. I imagine that will make her happy!! Right Julie!!??

Our daughter, Becky gave us her futon on loan and then we have a couple of chairs in the "Once upon a time diningroom now sitting room"!! It is very cozy!!

We went over to the McCoys today to help them with some pre-Christmas gift that they bought for all of them. After that we got some lunch and then back home to just enjoy the rest of the day!!

Oh we did get our small Christmas tree up this morning, i got a very few Christmas cards out too. I don't think that I have ever mailed them this early ever!! i wanted all of this done before all of these health matters hit me. There is going to be very little decorating this year. We were planning on being gone but will find out what happens after this test Tuesday. Then if they want to schedule surgery I am there. I am so very tired of this pain!! I have had it for 12 years now and I want it all behind me!! I want to get on with my life without pain telling me what to do. I know a lot of you will completely understand this!!

Thought for the day: "When I am right no one remembers...When I am wrong no one forgets!!" How true!


Mary said...


This will be a warm and comfy place for you to sit and enjoy tv while you are taking it easy. I'm sure your daughter will appreciate getting your dining room furniture.

We had snow this morning and rain tonight. I just hope it doesn't freeze now or the roads will be skating rinks. Not good for hubby out driving all night.

Take care. I'm praying for a release from the pain. My accident was in '88 and I still experience pain daily but try not to let it get me down. I do understand that pain is hard to live with.


FourOf5zs said...

It looks cozy. For sure you don't want steps. That is one reason we bought our house... no steps :-) I do know where you are coming from.. pain is the pits when it over takes your life.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

it looks lovely and cozy, i know it will be fun in there for you! hope all goes well and soon!

smiles, bee

Smilingsal said...

You're smart to get your ducks in a row.

Needled Mom said...

It is souning like you are getting everything ready for a surgical result. I just hope that you can finally get some relief from all the pain over these past 12 years.

I will be interested to read what the doctor has to say this week. Good luck.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I got home at 6:30pm after a long 7 hour drive back took so long with the heavy traffic and rain..

You are in style with people in Atlanta, who have a keeping room off of the kitchen..a cozy area to sit and enjoy watching others do the cooking!!This looks like a great area to relax and visit with friends.

I talked to Diane tonight and she is ready for her surgery tomorrow.I may not get to see her tomorrow, because I have gotten a fever blister on my upper lip!!!Diane will have three other nurses with her tomorrow..I will visit her when it dries up...

I hope you can get your back taken care of and start healing !!!
Take care, hugs... Barb

Denise said...

Congrats on your 1000th post and your little comfy place looks great! How wonderful it will be when that back is fixed and that pain is gone.... Please let us know when that surgery is planned and after your Mylogram........ I am praying.

Denise said...

Very cozy my friend, love you.

Hootin' Anni said...

I forgot! I forgot about cards. Thank you for reminding me. Dang, I can't believe that that just slipped my mind. As you have told me...half-heimiers!!

Looks like you will have a lovely area to recoup after surgery.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Sandy!!! Happy Monday. I shared a couple of blog friends gifts today if you feel like stopping by.

Flip Flop Floozie said...
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PEA said...

I think we have enough snow here for the both of us! OY! lol We were just hit with another snowstorm so that's another 5 inches or so added to what we already had. You sure you don't want me to send you some?????? hehe

I think it was an excellent idea to turn your dining room into a sitting room for you. As you say, you weren't using the dining room so that was the best solution:-) Glad that your daughter will be able to use your dining room furniture!!

My prayers are with you that soon you can be rid of all that pain. I can't imagine living with that day in day out. xoxo

Linda said...

Your sitting area does look very cozy. I'm sure you will enjoy it for years to come.

It's dreary here today. I'm planning on getting the Christmas decorations out this week.

Let us know how your test goes tomorrow. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Julie said...

HOpe you are feeling better today. All has calmed down here from this morning.:)Am going to post pictures of the van as soon as I can use paint to block out the license plate number. Ricky made a snowman too. Will put it all up later. Love ya.

Betty said...

Hi Sandy,

First of all, I love your new look. It looks so Christmasy. I love your banner and the red and yelow together. Looks great.

I am so sorry you are having so much pain, and I pray that you will get relief from it soon. You have fixed up a nice room for you to rest so you won't have to go up and down stairs.

I hope you and your family had a nice Thanksgiving.

Love and Prayers to you,