Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Good Morning from the hot South East!! It is gorgeous here but still air conditioner weather. Course for me you have to understand that we live in a house where our living space is upstairs so that makes it hotter here than if we were living on ground level.

This is our home that is for sale right now!! We did show it twice during the garage sale this past Saturday!! Glad that is over with for a bit!!

I got to spend the WHOLE weekend with Hubby M and that was great!! I married him almost 45 years ago to be with him and only him but now with his working so much I look forward to the weekends so we can be together. This coming Friday we are taking off in our motor home to go see northern Georgia!! I have always wanted to go when the weather is cool and the leaves are turning.

When I lived in Illinois for all of those years I got to the point that I just hated Fall. Now that I look back I know why...it was because of all that horrible cold weather and snow were right around the corner. Now since living here where there is NO FALL i really do miss it...a LOT!! I would love to live someplace where i could have all of the seasons but not that terrible snow, scooping and sliding in the car!! Not my cup of tea at all!!

Hubby M had a small accident yesterday. He was lifting a cabinet over his head, lost balance and the cabinet hit him in the head!! He bled really well!! Guess that is what our head and faces does when hit...bleeds!! He went and got some cold water and then Neosporin and put on it!! At the same time trying to get the ointment open, bleeding and trying to use one hand..He put the cap of the ointment in his mouth to open it and broke out a tooth in his plate!! Must have been a real sight!!

He came home with this big gash; bloody shirt and tooth out!! He is okay though and that is the most important part. Our SNL stopped by to make sure that he did not need stitches. I was not sure!! He showed us how to take nasal spray and spray it on the cut. Hold it with a small amount of toliet paper or paper towels. I tell you the bleeding will stop!! He says that it restricts the blood vessels. I thought that was a great idea to remember. It did stop it..amazing!! Now you know!!

Need to get going. Going to get my hair cut today!! Boy does it need it again!! Hope your day is going great!! Not a lot here but happy!!

Thougth for the day: "Next time you think you are perfect...try walking on water"


Melli said...

Oh pooooooor hubby! I'm glad you had your sil to look at it -- and I never knew that nasal spray trick! Guess I should buy a bottle of nasal spray to keep on hand, huh? Hope you guys have FUN this weekend - and find some cooler weather. It IS cooler up here these days...

Peggy said...

Hope hubby doesn't have a headache today! You will love north GA

Monkey Giggles said...

Love you Tuesday tidbits. I hope hubby is feeling better.

Take Care. Show us pictures of your your new hair-do.

Julie said...

hope dad is ok. No headache???
Wish you could come back in the fall and enjoy some of this weather. We LOVE fall out of all the seasons.

Smilingsal said...

Oh, you poor husband; I'm glad to know he'll survive, but that's a bunch of bad all heaped up at once.

Linda said...

The incident with hubby sounds like a comedy sketch! I sure hope he's doing ok. I'll have to remember the nasal spray trick. I hope the leaves have turned in North Georgia. We only have pockets of color here.

PEA said...

Our air conditioner has long been put away and the furnace has been running every night for the last couple of weeks! I'm loving it, though:-)

Oh dear, your poor hubby....I can justimagine your reaction at seeing him with the cut AND the missing tooth! How interesting that nasal spray will help stop the bleeding...it is indeed something to remember!!

Take care of YOU! xoxo

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, Well.. I am tried after all of my running around today..

First I went and voted early, now that is done...I didn't have to wait in long lines..

Then I went shopping for myself,and got some good deals on clothes , shoes and a new purse...another one!!! Belk's was having a great senior citizen discount day ...

Now I will start cooking our chicken for dinner on the George Foreman grill... easy and fast ..

I am enjoying seeing the rain come down outside of my window..
Talk later, hugs..Barb

Needled Mom said...

Ouch!!!! Hubby's day did not sound too good. Thankfully, all is well.

It's hot here today too -- 98*, but it is our typical fall weather.

Denise said...

Your house is very lovely. Sorry about hubbys accident.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Just catching up on your news! So sorry to hear about that little accident your hubby had. Good to know about the nasal spray as I'd never heard that.
Enjoy this pretty time of year.