Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Thoughts

Just like Melli from the other day, I have been home a lot lately so what is there to talk about when you are AT HOME all the time!!

I know that you that stopped by yesterday could not see the writing on my scrap blog so here is the address if you want to go and see it FULL SCREEN Yesterday I decided to see if I could learn to do digital scrapbooking and guess what I can!! It is a lot of fun!! If you would like to try just go to scrapblog and try it. FUN!! I figured this would be great for me to learn since I love to scrap book but may not have room to take all of my great supplies when we move someday!! Try it you will like it...


  • Why can't i loose weight? I exercise 3 times a week, write down what I eat and it still seems to find me...WHY?
  • I am so enjoying my bible study right now. Isaiah is so for today!! It is just like reading about our AMERICA right now. What a great study!!
  • Why do my nails grow so fast when I have acrylic nails on and so slow when I try to go without them?
  • Why am I so TIRED? I love having fun and slowing down is not something I WANT to do.
  • I just cannot keep this house cleaned up like I used to do. Makes me so mad!!!!
  • Am I just plain lazy?
  • Getting older is not one of the most "NOT FUN" things that I have been through in my life!! I hate hurting and I hate complaining because I HURT!!
  • I miss all of my family but feel fortunate to be close to some relatives.
  • I need to clean my house today!! I know I can only do so much so have to learn that. That has been hard for me to remember...If I do the whole house I pay for it for days!!
  • I love to sleep!! Guess I just need a lot
  • I hate it that my husband works so hard. He hurts so much and that makes me feel so sad!!
  • I think that friends are the most important asset to me!! What would I do without them. I would not be the person that I am without them for sure.


Carolyn said...

When you posted that first video of the baptisms using Scrapblog, I thought to myself "how cool is that". I haven't gotten over there to actually try it myself, but I do want to one of these days. Thanks for sharing the site and your own creations with us.

I know what you mean,Sandy. I work every day, and I get to the point where, what do you talk about? You can only talk about the bulletins and newsletters so much, and I seem to have a set routine at both places. And usually,nothing out of the ordinary happens. I guess thats where scrapblog and memes come in, huh?

When we were camping this weekend, I thought about you, and trying to sell your house and live in a motorhome after that. I would LOVE to do that. I am soooo tired of dealing with all the stuff and the clutter in our house. In the camper, we had just what we needed, and everything has a place, and it was just so organized and wonderful. Once Ethan graduates, and we give it a few more years as "just a couple" (vs. all these years of being parents), I would love to consider that lifestyle. I'm so ready for teh simplier way of life.

Sandy, just roll your eyes and sigh really big ... and then go to your blogroll and change me ...once again. This is the last time, I Promise!!!! I am searching for something -- this blog -- Write From My Heart - is my homebase. No paid blogging. Just "from the heart" "getting back to the basics" kind of writing. Would love for you to join me there. You have been such a trooper following me from blog to blog. I will get settled down in one (this one!!) and no more changing.


Thanks:) Have a great day!

Peggy said...

I wonder the same things as you do. I hurt so much sometimes I don't want to get out of bed. I wonder sometimes why I have these animals and all the work that goes with them when I could be relaxing and traveling with William. Then Diva and the girls do something to make me laugh and I live in the moment.

Saija said...

hey there!

i bet your house is clean, and you are just looking at one spot instead of the whole! i know when we got scooter, i kept on thinking that he was messing the whole house - but if i took 5 seconds and threw his toys in a bag, it was all presentable again ...

blessings on you ... i'm heading to work shortly ...

Smilingsal said...

Do one thing well today and one thing well tomorrow. You're expecting too much. Enjoy the Good things that God is giving you.

Linda said...

Sandy, You are not alone. I remember years ago hearing my brother say, "I have things that hurt I didn't realize I had". Being 15 years younger I just couldn't relate to that statement. Now I know all too well. It's just part of aging.

Don't beat yourself up about cleaning. Do a little each day and forget about it. Spend your time doing what makes you happy. That's what is important.

Mary said...


The digital scrapbooking sounds like fun. I am going to check it out when I have time.

I'm sorry that you are experiencing such fatigue. I went through that for years. Could you be depressed? Try some Vitamin D. My GYN and my daughter, who is a pharmaceutical assistant advised me to do so and I feel so much better. 1,000 mg a day, along with Vitamin B12 - 500 to 1000 mg per day. It makes a world of difference. Try it. It can't hurt.

Take care, my friend. Enjoyed your post about the scrapbooking and am praying for you as well.


Denise said...

I love you sweet friend.

Debra said...

They photo of those trees are just beautiful.

Maggie Ann said...

Sandy, I can identify with alot of what you wrote. My hubby has lots of pain too. My house is getting more and more cluttered...what to do? I get tired quickly.I only need to keep off 8 to 10 lbs but it always finds me too. I'm trying the no flour no sugar way...not being 100% strick with it but I do feel no jitters with no sugar..lol. Thats worth a lot! And, I tried to understand digital scrapbooking but just can't. I'll have a look at your blog but I feel kind of hopeless in that area. That picture you posted at the top of your blog is glorious. Thanks for being my blogging friend. I appreciate you.

Lazy Daisy said...

Look at you Miss Thing. I told you could do digital scrap booking. I love it. Hope you are feeling better. Gotcha all prayed up.

Talk..to..Grams said...

Sandy! Thank you so much for your prayers for me!! You have been a blessing to me and I appreciate this!
I am feeling better today and I am out visiting some of my friends blogs.
I wish back when your Grandma was alive they would have had the the same stuff they have today that would have helped her.

If I had not lifted the sweeper this summer and this made my knees hurt and gone to the Doctor about it I would be in a mess!
He took ex-rays of my knee and found the harding of the arteries and now I am getting it fixed

I feel like God lead me to go that day and see about my knee. If this had gone much longer I could have died. On this happy note I will stop!!
No kidding! I am so glad to be getting fixed up! Even if I do feel rough afterwards!!
Hugs, Grams

Anonymous said...

I can relate. I hate it that I can't do some things that I could do just a few years ago. Getting old is no fun, but I'm not quite ready to leave this world yet so I guess I should be glad that I keep getting older.
That little dancing candy corn is so cute. I wonder if he ever gets tired?
Hang in there.

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy:-)

I'm back from my trip and now catching up with everyone! Thank you so much for telling us about the digital scrapbooking...I've never tried that before so I've bookmarked the site and will try it out as soon as I have more time!

Isn't it a shame that the aches and pains come with getting older? I find I get tired faster and even after a trip, I feel exhausted for days after, trying to recover! We do so much walking, though, it's no wonder!!

Yes, what would we do without our friends:-) xoxo

Technonana said...

Gotta learn how to do the scrapbooking thing!!! Just like GE, you bring good things to life!!!
I always love your thoughts for the day!!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hah! I can related to all your thoughts...I guess it's universal when we get to a certain age. Actually, I want to go and live in France. There, women of a "certain age" are really looked up to as having the wisdom and that certain something that is not there when we are younger. The French have the right idea...and it would do wonders for our self esteem.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi sandy, Are you going to the movie's tomorrow ??? I will talk to you in the morning...I could not get your site to open up for me to look at your scrapbooking on your blog....I hope you are getting some rest.... hugs, Baba

Hootin' Anni said...

Age is just a state of mind...and, if you ask me...you're not even NEAR 'old'!!!

And as for me and 'chatting' away even while I'm home most of the time is no problem. Guess I'm gabby. LOL

Have a super terrific Wednesday Sandy.

Needled Mom said...

I think we all feel the frustration of running out of steam before we are ready. Perhaps our bodies are telling us that it is time to slow down.

The colors in those trees are wonderful. I'll bet that the scrapbooking will be fun. Just what I need -- another excuse to spend time at the computer!!!!! Sigh!!!!! That's why I get nothing done.

FourOf5zs said...

I can relate to most of your thoughts.

The weight... me too. I lost 10 lbs when we went on our cross country trip earlier this year. We got back and my back went sour and I can't walk as much. I move as much as I can, but the weight came back.

If you haven't had your thyroid checked.. do that.. it can be a caouse weight gain. Some medications can also contribute to weight. See your doctor and maybe he/she can help figure it out.

Cleaning the house is a real bummer with pain. My hubby helps me, but he is also a big clutterer. I think he has rub off on me. This computer room is cluttered and most of it is mine :-p

Look around and see all the good things in your life.. that is what gets me through the mess of it all :-)

I couldn't see the scrapbooking site they seem to want me to sign in or sign up :-)

FourOf5zs said...

Forgot to say that I really like the tree picture.