Thursday, October 02, 2008

Garage Sale/Yard Sale

This was out front this afternoon!!

Okay whatever you call it in whatever part of your world it is...It is the same thing..right? WORK!! I always say....I am NEVER doing this again. Well, now with our home for sale and knowing that IF and WHEN it sells I have to get rid of everything in this house..well that means that I had better take this advantage and start!! Our community garage sale is this Saturday..WHEW!!

I try to wash everything and make my sale look clean and that makes even more work for these 14 steps going up and down up and down...taking things up and down...My back is screaming stop right here I is..STOPPED!! Time is running out though because I only have tomorrow and well that is it!! WHEW!! Hopefully we will have a great crowd and everyone will want all of these things.

I went through my kids baby clothes and gave away several of them to Good will. I have been "Hanging on to these" for years and almost cried doing it but it is done now. I found all of hubby and my love letters for 3 guess I should sit down read them one more time and then shred them for good. It is things like these that I have a hard time getting rid is like throwing away memories...good ones too!!

Bought another couple of mums to put on the front porch and re-potted the other two that I had bought. It is VERY hot outside today..They keep saying that a COLD FRONT is coming through..Did it come through and i missed it???

We went out with Madison and family last night. I had bought her a gift certificate to Target so that she can go SHOPPIN'....also bought a little cosmetic bag and put some fun things in it. We ate at FATZ CAFE again in Pooler. Not one of my favorite places ...but that is where she wanted to go. The kids always get to pick!!

Madison and me...

Most of our pictures from last night were not the best because hubby was taking them. I usually take all of the pictures and well he just needs more practice. This one was kind of good!! She had a great time!!

Great bible study this morning in Isaiah!! is like reading about our America right now. Babylon and America sound so much alike!! God is going to judge us one day. What we are going through right now might be just the beginning of His judgment on us!! Who knows...GOD of course.

Have a great day. Hopefully it is cooler in your part of the country!! Someday here too!!

Thought for the day: "When life gives you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have 1000 reasons to smile"....great advice!!


Melli said...

I sure do LIKE that thought for the day! It's a good one!

I had ONE yard sale years and years and years ago -- oh probly 15 years anyway! I said never again, and never again it's been! I throw stuff away like crazy! Dennis and I ALMOST (I say almost because, well we didn't - and we really never DO - but ALMOST) had a FIGHT the other night because we were wondering how much it would cost to rent a DUMPSTER to clean out the basement... well, I went on line and looked and I thought it was reasonable enough... not VERRRRRY reasonable my any means... but my husband is a PACKRAT! So I told him the cost and he said NO. He said he would just have to make a dozen or so trips to the landfill. Well... we've lived here 22 years and he has only made TWO trips to the landfill in alllllllllll that time. So what do you suppose the chances are that I'll be getting rid of all that JUNK without a DUMPSTER?! Only if I BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!!! (which the kids keep egging me to do! LOL!) They don't understand about things like insurance fraud and all! hehehe... But anyway... BEST WISHES with YOUR yard sale - and yep, I hope you sell EVERYTHING you want to... but I'm thinking you could probably find a little drawer in that motor home to tuck away a few years worth of love letters....

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
I can't even imagine getting rid of everything you own to live in an RV.
Will you put anything in storage?
I hope your garage sale is a big success.
Happy birthday to Madison. She's the same age as our S who turned 10 in Sept. Fun age!
xo said...

I always say that about a garage sale, too! The last one I had at my house was in 2001 right after 9-11 and it was City Wide Garage Sale Saturday. Every one was still in shock that day. I never make enough money that it is worth all the work!
But, Karen and Jeremy had one this year at her house and my goodness they did very good!! I was so surprised! Nancy even made 8.50 and Karen gave her 9.00 and she was so happy! Of course Karen had some really good stuff to sell and that is what made the difference.
Happy Birthday to your little grand daughter! hugs, Grams

Hootin' Anni said...

I have something for you on my Friday Show n Tell blog...scroll down to find your name.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good evening Sandy, my little one is down in bed for the night.I can't believe how good she is and I have had no crying for Mama...Baby's adapt to the one who loves and feeds them!!!

I will have to go to Curves on Monday and let the scales show my weight gain... I need a kick in the rear to start me on the right path...

Fred has gone to his Military reunion tonight which is in town every year..I don't mind staying home with Olivia, the same old stories told over and over!!!

Have a great garage sell this week-end..See you later, Hugs,

Julie said...

Good picture of you and Maddie. Hope she had a great day. I sent her a card but it probably won't be there til tomorrow-I hope. You know snail mail.hehe;)
Good picture of the butterfly.
I love mums. I really like the colors,of course this is my FAVORITE time of year.

Denise said...

Love you my friend.

PEA said...

It's only 36 here right now so yes, it's cooler here! lol I wish you the very best of luck with the yard sale...having just made one this past summer, I know the work involved. I can well imagine how heart breaking it is having to get rid of so many treasures...I've been decluttering again this past week and got rid of things I never thought I would be able to let go but I did it! It's funny, once it's gone, you tend to forget about it:-) Glad to hear the birthday girl had a fun day!! xoxo

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a pretty photo of the butterfly. I hope the garage sale will be successful. I understand how hard it is to let go of some things but the memories will always live on.

Anonymous said...

Flip Flop and Melli
That sounds like an "Estate Sale" not a garage sale. The whole house, very cool!! Don't forget to post your sale at Melli - You don't have to torture yourself with a garage sale and you don't have to throw away those items you don't need any more. Try a free online garage sale or yard sale, especially for those items that still have a good Value.

Good Luck and happy selling!!!