Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Posting

Happy First Day of Autumn

Good Afternoon ALREADY!! This day has flown by so quickly!! I have some pictures from the weekend that I want to share today too!! Not anything that will really impress...but you know to me they are important.

Saturday we had Madison in the morning, around lunch we called her mommy and daddy to see if they and Garrett would like to go eat lunch together!! Finally after trying and trying to decide where 6 people would like to go we decided on a new cafe in Pooler, Ga. It is called Fatz!!

We took the kids with us and mommy and daddy got to follow behind..ALONE!! Garrett had just got a pocket watch. He sees too many digitals and is having a time learning how to tell "real time". It is just a cheap Walmart one but it is a cute one with a steam engine on the outside. Plus he looks so cute with it hanging from his pocket. He was telling us the time every 5 minutes or so! Smile!!

Garrett with his new pocket watch..ain't he cute!!

WE had a great meal...then off to get us a box to put fliers in for our house!! Came home and made up a pretty good flier and they are now in the box outside. I have seen people picking them up today!! I know it does not mean anything but the word is getting out!!

Yesterday we went to a FIRST CONNECTIONS picnic at our church!! WE had a great time. People were doing the sack races, pie eating contest, and dunking for apples! We knew that we both could not do these kind of things anymore so I got my face painted!! That was fun!! They gave out a lot of gifts. Hubby got the movie package!! YES!! I have been wanting to go to the movies for a long time now. It came in a big POPCORN plastic container with popcorn and candy!! WE had hot dogs and big hamburgers afterwards!!

The theme was red, white and blue (which I did not know..cause I did not read the invitation well). So we had a visit from the Statue of Liberty!! I always wanted to see the Statue of Liberty so now I can say I saw one "almost" like the real one!! Smile!! These are both friends of mine just having a good time to make our time even happier!! How fun!!

Now it is today and the weather is still cool!! This is so great for all of us here in the HOT South East!! We are all so enjoying not running our air (some people still have theirs on) Hm!! Guess they love spending money!! Smile!!

Hope everyone is doing great!! I know there are several of you out there that are not well right now and need our prayers..Denise from Shortybear's Place and Grams from talk to Grams. There are probably more too but these two are the ones that I know about for sure!!

Funny how I seem so close to so many of you and have never met half of you!! Blogging...don't ya just love it?

Thought for the day: "Forgive your enemies, it messes with their head!"


amy said...

SOunds like some really fun times!! Love the blog, gets me right in the mood for the season!

Have a blessed day! said...

Happy Fall to you too! I love your little bears! Your lunch sounded really good!
Your little grandson was Cute with his watch!
And at the deal you went to afterwards looked like a lot of fun! You looked cute with your face painted!
Thanks for your prayers and all who have been praying. It helps! Blessings, Grams

Maggie Ann said...

You are so blessed to have your family so near! I'm glad for you. Looks like you all had so much fun ..Your hair style is really lovely. Its nice to 'see' you Sandy..=)Your face 'flower' just made you prettier. ~~Our son doesn't live in his home yet, it is all rafters in there! He has some nice neighbors that look out for him too. I'm all tired out tonight but I was surprised to read its the first day of fall. It seems like it too, it was cool and foggy. I made cherry pie and woe for me, ate 2 pieces and am thinking about more...later! Hope your day has been near perfect.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, I had a pocket watch like Garrett has; and I enjoyed using it at work.The big face was easy to read... it was cool...

The picnic at church looked like fun. How was the food at Fatz's cafe in Pooler?? We are always looking for new places to eat..

Well it is time for me to do my post for Tuesday..Talk to you later, hugs, Barb

Nancy said...

We have a Fatz and I just love their potato soup. The pocket watch is a great idea to learn to tell time. Why didn't I ever think of that? I'm still enjoying this great weather too... it's hard to believe. Just perfect!

Deanna said...

Fatz was good! We watched when it first opened and there were a couple weeks where it was just packed all the time!!! We really like to go to Cheddars, too, right around the corner from Fatz.
I'm still here in California. Hope to be home next week!
Church looked fun! Mary and I went and visited one day, but we haven't made service there yet.
Have a good week!

Hootin' Anni said...

Happy Autumn to you too dear Sandy!! It's my favorite time of year. And it looks like you had a wonderful weekend.

Lazy Daisy said...

Go Gar Bear...he looks like a real train man (they were always checking their watch to see if the train was on time.) Say hello to Miss Liberty for me! You looked good as a painted lady. Miss you. Will pray about the flyers.

Linda said...

Your church picnic sounds like a lot of fun. You look so cute with your flower! Getting the kids a watch can be a curse and a blessing. They ALL want to let you know the time every couple of minutes. But that's part of being a Mawmaw and I love it!!

I'll be praying for your success with the house. That can be so stressful.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy!
Happy fall to you :)
Looks like a fun weekend and I loved seeing your sweet face as you had your flower painted on..

PEA said...

Happy Fall to you, dear Sandy:-) I so love this wonderful time of year. It sounds like you had a great time over the the picture of you having your face painted:-) Your little grandson is so darling and look at him with his new pocket watch! Adorable! xoxo

Melli said...

Blogging IS amazing isn't it? Talk about something God has turned to His good!

You look sO cute with that big ol' daisy on your cheek! (black eyed susan? same thing!)

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