Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday and home

Hubby ready to go home!!
We are back and trying to get things all put away!! It took us forever to pack our motor home and now it is again taking us forever to put everything back in its place!!

Yesterday instead of staying at home and working we choose to go with our daughter and grands to a Wave pool!! I had never been to one and boy was it ever fun!! Hubby had a time at first because of his bum knees!! He cannot bend his left knee back so it was fun trying to get back up again when the waves hit him.

I had a great time!! I have always wanted to go to one of those places!! We went to Jekyll Island to the Summer Waves!!

Also I got to do something that I have never done before too (Guess I should be starting a bucket list)!! I got to go down a waterslide!! I knew that I should not go on the ones that do not have an inner tube to ride on because of my back and other parts that might just accidently break!! Madison and I rode on the double inner tube and what fun we had!! We just went up the sides and back down again...landing was something else but I had a great time!!

When this dumped on you it was almost hard to stand up!!

We stopped at hubby's favorite place on the way home DQ. We ate and then had some ice cream (I have got to get back to Curves)!! UGH!!

We got home and both of us were pretty much worn out but a fun worn out!!

Tomorrow I am going to start doing some giving away on my blog!! I missed my 3 year anniversary which was July 22 but I want to make up for it!! Check back again tomorrow and see what I am giving away!!

I need to get out to your blogs today!! One more thing that I am promising myself to do today!! Washing; putting away and blog reading!! I like the blog reading idea better.


Thought for the day: "If you see someone without a smile..Lend them YOURS!"


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, it is hard to settle down from a vacation...the wave pool must be fun. I will have to try that out some day...I am busy cooking,washing clothes and cleaning my bird's cages up... I love the rain we are getting right now...

Welcome back " Home "....Maybe I will see you at Curves tomorrow, depends on how early you go ....
Don't try to do all of your chores, save some for tomorrow..

Take care, hugs, Barb

Denise said...

Welcome home sweetie. Wow, a wave pool, and DQ, what could be better??

Technonana said...

Oh Yeah, Sandy... you were born to blog!! I know you are glad to be home!!! What an exciting trip!!!
But there is NO PLACE like home!!!

Cal said...

I am glad you are still trying new things. You'll encourage this 50 year old to start a bucket list of his own.


Susan said...

The water park just sounds like a great time. I really need to take my guys to one here. They haven't been.

Hope you have a fantastic week!

:-) Susan

Lazy Daisy said...

Hey must still think you are on vacation. Sounds like a fun time. Miss you both.

Puss-in-Boots said...

You big kid, you! Lol, good on you'll stay forever young with your goings on.

It's so good to see you back home safe and sound...oh, isn't it fun putting everything away...not!

I have washing to fold and put away, too, but like you, I'm reading posts instead. A much nicer occupation. I can do housework any old time.

Pear tree cottage! said...

Sandy, I too would have chosen going with the grand children over putting away. It sounds like it was a very fun day had by all I don't think we have one here in Victoria - but up at the gold coast Queensland I am sure they would have.

Thank you for visiting me today It was so nice to see you dear friend.

I'll be back tomorrow Lee-ann

Saija said...

i find the unpacking always the worst chore! but isn't it nice to be home? sounds like a fun place you guys went to ... i want to go too!!!!

glad you had a safe journey!!!

Deanna said...

Wow! We'll have to take Mary to that wave pool! Looks like fun! One of these days we're going to run into you two at DQ. Also a favorite place of ours! lol Welcome back!

Linda said...

You are very adventurous going down the slide at the Wave Pool. Way to go!! We have a wave pool down the road but I haven't been in years.

Glad you made it home safely.

Melli said...

This was your FIRST time on a water slide? WOW! You GO girl!!! I LOVE them! I actually prefer the ones with NO tube - but yea - they are more dangerous, and I, too, have a bad back - so I SHOULD stay away from them! They are hard to find anymore though - regulations require tubes for almost everything now days! You guys really have had a GOOD time recently! I think that's just what you needed!

Heart of Rachel said...

Sounds F-U-N! I've never been to a Wave Pool before. I could just imagine how exciting it was going down the water slide for the first time.