Monday, August 04, 2008


Dad before his cake cutting

Yeap it is Monday and our big day that we had all been waiting for came and went just like that!!

Dad and Ron had quite the turn out yesterday!! I think we had between 85 and 90 people come to show their support for these very very up there in age people!!

We had a great Lasagna meal at noon for our family and close friends. Then after that at 3:00 we had the BIG BIRTHDAY celebration!! It was so much fun to see people come in and come up to me and say I know you and I would say SURE!! I know that I know you too.

Julie, Dad and Becky loving their grandpa!!

I had such a great time meeting my "old" friend Pat. We used to ride bicycles together and find the boys!! We had such fun together!! She brought her hubby, Charlie so we got to finally meet him. We just had the best of times talking and laughing and remembering things. I just love having friends!!

Me and my "old" friend Pat

Three of my friends from State Farm came and we had a great time together. You know it was so hard to try to talk to everyone but i did try!! I did not want to leave anyone out.

Geneva, Debbie and Marilyn

We sang to Dad and then we sang to Ron!! I still cannot believe that Ron and I have had our parents for all of these years. We are truly blessed kids!!

Ron before his cake

After everyone left we all went to Monical's Pizza. This is a great pizza place here in Illinois that we just love and we miss. Nothing like their pizza!!

Some of us came back here to our home which now I can tell you about!! Last Saturday we bought a different motor home...THIS IS OUR SECRET...that you have been wondering about!! It is not new but new to us!! We just kind of closed our eyes and decided that we needed to get something that we can live in because we just both know this is coming!! This has two slide outs and give us a lot more room!! It is 35 ft. long also!! We are really enjoying it on this trip.

Our new Coachman motorhome

During our trip though we somehow got a nice little visitor in our new home! In the form of a little tiny brown field mouse!! YHEW!! I do not...and I mean DO NOT like mice!! We bought some up this morning and he is DEAD!! I feel so much better now. I will not have to shut the door to our bedroom and put a towel up against the door now!!

I have company now for breakfast so will have to finish up my post now!! We are so tired!! Today we are off to Rochelle, Illinois to visit more with our daughter and family!! We have to stop at Normal, Illinois where we lived for years and eat at Avanti's. We always took our kids there when they were little so we are all going there. Our son Jon is following us too.

I would love to come and visit ya'll but I can only get wireless when I can.

Thought for the day: "I believe...That we don't have to change friends if we understand that friends change.


Mar said...

Happy 90th birthday to your dad!! It seems you had a wonderful celebration for him and your brother.
Enjoy your trip!!

Charlotte said...

What a wonderful weekend celebration you had. Happy Birthday to your dad. 90 - wow.
Your new motorhome is beautiful. I know you will spend many happy days and hours in it.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Wow... good morning Sandy, I love your new motor home..the secret is out...looks like your dad and brother had a great us some pictures of the inside of your motor home when you have time...Enjoy this time with all of your family...
Love ya, Baba

Denise said...

Happy Birthday to your precious dad and brother. Congrats on your beautiful motorhome. I love you my friend.

Nancy said...

I can just feel the love and excitement in your words. It sounds perfect and the photos back that up (you really do look young in your photo)! I love your new to you coachman. It's just perfect... minus the mouse that is.
Continue to enjoy and make lots of memories.

Glo said...

So glad you haveing a great time with family and friends. Your Dad looks great.

I love your new motorhome. I don't like mice either....

Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Anonymous said...

Hello from the very HOT southeast. I am glad all went well with the birthday parties. It is so much fun to get on here and see your children whom I have not seen in such a long time. :)
I love going to Avantis when I come home to visit mom and dad. When we were home in June we went to Monical's too and it was excellent. I just do not remember going there very often when I was younger.
Well, hope you have a great visit with Julie and the rest of your family.

Vicki (Shoemaker) Belyus

Jane said...

What a wonderful celebration! It looks like you all had a memorable time.
I love you 'new' motor home. What fun. Hubby and I would love to do that at some point too.
Continue to have a safe trip. said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad and brother! I am so happy for you that you were able to be with him for his 90th!!
Your new motor home is just beautiful! I would love to see the inside too, when you get time to take some snap shots.
Have fun at Julie's!! Love and hugs Grams

Susan said...

It looks like you all have had a wonderful time celebrating. I think your new motor home looks wonderful. Actually, it's my dream to go RVing across the country...but I'm fairly certain it won't happen since my DH doesn't like traveling this way.

I love it that you've been able to reconnect with some old friends while also enjoying family.


Technonana said...

HOW EXCITING!! I am happy that everything went well... Love the RV... keep rolling on... praying you will continue to be safe on this wonderful adventure!!!

Denise said...

Hey Girl ! YOu are one of the winners over at the POOL PARTY ! come and see !!!!!!!!!!!

Melli said...

Oh my GOSH!!! THAT's your surprise!?! WOW!!! It's a BEAUTY Sandy! Oh, I know you and Mike have just gotta be SO excited! That is GREAT! I know... it's not your HOUSE... but it is YOURS and it will be a nice little home when the need arises! (just think ... it's so much LESS to CLEAN!!!) I am verrrry happy for you!

Melli said...

By the way... do YOU know where Daisy is???