Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thurday's 1st day of our Trip

Sunset in Tennessee

We started off this morning around 7:30...getting gas...then it seemed like we were just not "GETTING GOING"! We decided that we were taking off like a HERD of TURTLES!! Finally once all of us got our "ACT" together we got on the road about 8:30 a.m. We had the kids since it is easier for them to ride in a motor home and not be so confined!! They knew that there were TWO Hershey bars in the frig and IF they were good they could have them. They were just excellent children. Never fussed at all. Course I did find out that Mommy said if they weren't good that they would have to come back to the truck and ride!! (Bribery always works!!)

Maddie said to me, "Gma, Garrett is being nice!!" That is quite the unusual thing for him you know!!

We learned how to play tiddly winks. They had never played them before!! We got down on the kitchen floor and shot winks all over the place. I found these at Cracker Barrel in one of those nice tins that are easy to take with you. It said inside that Tiddly Winks has been around since the 1890's..that is an old game for sure!! We played that for a while then some dominoes.

Garrett and Maddie learning a new game!!

Finally we sat down here at the table and made birthday cards for Gpa Dale's 90th birthday and also for Uncle Ron's 60's birthday!! I had brought along scrapbooking things. We had a good time. Even Garrett loved doing it!!

Course they ate all of the time!! Mommy and Daddy followed right behind us!! We had a walkie talkie and so did they. That way Garrett could keep good track of his mom!!

We finally stopped tonight at Manchester, Tennessee!! WE have stopped here before. It is a lovely campground!! The kids and I got out of the camper and started walking over to a little pond. We stopped very quickly because there was a deer standing almost in front of us!! It was so pretty and we were just thrilled to death to be that close to her!! (where is the camera when you are standing that close to a the camper)!!

Happy kids!!

We are all tired now!! We did get to swim a little bit. It felt wonderful!! So cool and nice!! WE had another bad thunder storm which drove us all inside. We went through TONS of rain today and it seems like it hit us each time in a big city where the driving is bad without the RAIN!!

Well that is our first day already!! We have waited for this trip for a long time. I wish that I could get around to everyone but it is late now..hubby is already in bed and I need to head that way myself.
Hope all is well in everyone's blogging world..


Thought for the day: "They say that age is all in your mind. The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body.


Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhh I used to LOVE Tiddly Winks when I was a kid! I tried teaching them to my kids when they were small -- but they weren't the least bit interested! Not enough ACTION I guess! (too much skill required!) LOL! You guys just keep on enjoyin' that vacation! You're doin' a FINE job!

Peggy said...

sounds like you are having a great time. I will have to teach the grands tiddly winks.

Julie said...

Hi. Getting last minute things done today and will be heading your way about 1 this afternoon. Hopefully will get there for the cookout tonight.
Hubby has to work this morning so will leave after he is off work.

Denise said...

Thinking of you my friend.

Technonana said...

Oh.. I pray you all have a safe trip... love the update... the kids, the games and camping!! We are domino freaks. Our kids love to play... and The Herd of Turtles!!! LOVE it... I never heard that before!!!
Blessings on you and your family!!

Deanna said...

Ahhh!!! Sounds wonderful! Have a great time!

Glo said...

Sounds like your on your way to having way to much fun. Have a safe trip my friend. Enjoy the grands.

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Can only imagine how much it cost to fill up that motor home but I guess you are saving a bundle on hotel rooms and can bring a lot more stuff than if you came in a car. My parents had a motor home but now it is parked and my Dad uses it as a camphouse. Stay safe and have a wonderful trip! You are a very good GMA!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Sandy, Thanks for sharing your first day with us.. being in the motor home while traveling looks like the way to travel...I like how you can get up and move around and have a "potty" handy..wishing you and your family a happy and fun filled week...
Hugs, Baba