Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Makeup

Pretty drive!!

Good Morning!! Busy gal lately!! Wanted to share with you our quick trip to Jekyll Island here in Georgia. Our daughter and her family had reservations at the camp ground there for Friday and Saturday nights!! They asked is we would like to go with them. We had to hurry up but we went anyway!!

We never do much on July 4th but this year we got the chance and TOOK IT!! We drove from here to Jekyll which takes about 90 minutes!! It was a nice drive. We took our car and followed them. Course the kids rode with us....fighting most of the way!! Madison kept asking if we would call Mommy and have Garrett get in their truck!! He was just picking and picking the way little brothers always do!!

Finally we arrived..Everyone set up the camper while i played with Garrett!! Kept him happy and out of the way!! We had a real pretty campsite!! After that Becky and i went to their little bitty IGA. There is not much as far as eating and especially buying groceries there. I guess the every day residences have to go off the island to do their shopping!! BOY and the prices..WHEW!!

Then after we returned we got all together and went to the beach!! We had forgotten chairs so sat on that HARD SAND for hours upon hours!! I was sore the next day!! WE had a good time though. The kids and their dad were in the water most of the time. Garrett found a snail and we named it SANDY!!

Garrett in the ocean ignoring me!!

Finally darkness came and we got to see the fireworks. We were VERY CLOSE!! WE had some not so great company around us though. One guy was so drunk that he fell every time the big bomb fireworks went off...acting like he had just been shot!! He was so drunk that he was funny!! Then there was a group of well how do I say this nicely...lesbians. They kept carrying on right there in front of the kids and knowing that everyone was watching they just kept going and going!! Terrible for kids!! I saw several mothers trying to explain this to their kids!! When they finally left our son in law said..WELL there goes one show!! He is quite the funster!!

The fireworks were beautiful!! Trying to get out of the parking lot took hours!! BUT!!! We had a good time!! Remember!! Sand was everyplace!! You know that is the worst thing..for days you seem to be eating it!! SMILE!!

Gpa and kids fishing

We came home the next day after fishing off the dock for a bit. The kids caught a toadfish..the ugliest of God's creations!! We got to see a baby shark too!! Several people were catching them.

Nice to be home again. Today I have my granddaughter while her mom and brother are out on a pontoon boat this morning. I would have loved to do that!! Washing instead!! That is okay!!

Silly like her dad!!

Hope everyone had a great 4th!! We at least got to go someplace!! YES!!

Thought for the day: "Happiness is a inside job!"


Julie said...

Great pictures. So who caught the baby shark??? Love the one of Madison with a green tongue.:)

Peggy said...

my grands will be here tonight so I will get to have some fun busy times. Sounds like you had a busy but fun weekend with yours.

Glo said...

Great pictures. Sounds like you had a fun time. We got to be with the grand daughters too. Have a great week.


Susan said...

Awww...sounds like you all had a great time. I just shared on another blog about a book that I'm reading where he notes that Happiness is not from buying things but "buying experiences that make a memory". He notes that "things" bring short term happiness...but experiences bring long lasting happiness. Sounds like you all made some great memories this weekend.



Denise said...

Sounds really fun sweetie.

FlipFlop Mom said...

Oh this looks SO FUN!!! your grandkiddies are adorable!! I LOVE the green tongue..!!

Thanks for visiting me!! Yeah.. I'm 35.. but love the "older" stuff.. ( but I was a young young mom.. so I had to grow up FAST!! and don't regret it one bit!!)

Ok.. off to read more of your wonderful blog!! Keep in touch!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
So glad you had the chance to get away for some fun! We love to camp, but I know what you mean about the sand. Then there's all that laundry to catch up on too!
But, it's fun anyway, isn't it!!

Denise said...

Your little get a way looks like a fun time........ and enjoying the grandkids........ Life is pretty busy for everyone I guess so I am not out and about much.....Just wanted to stop by and say hello!!!!

Nancy said...

What fun, making memories with your family! I've never been to Jekly Island but I have heard of it. Sandy sandwiches... I don't miss that part of camping but many lessons are learned around a campfire.

PEA said...

You'll find sand in the most unlikeliest places for weeks! lol Glad to hear you were able to get away and enjoy a fun 4th of July weekend with your family:-) Sometimes it's those unplanned trips that are the most fun. It's a shame that during the fireworks you had a drunk man and a couple of lesbians acting's terrible that they didn't care young children were there watching them!! Loved seeing all your pictures...good time for everyone:-) xoxo

Technonana said...

Except for the ride there, this looks like FUN!!! Glad you had a great 4th!!
Oh and the LIFE thing... I totally get it.... 3 of my grandchildren are coming tomorrow for the week-end!!!