Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

I figured that this was going to be a LONG DAY since hubby told me that he would be working late tonight!! So....I just started cleaning!!

Our daughter called and wondered if I wanted to go to the mall with her and Garrett...SURE!! WHY not!! Who wants to clean anyway??? You gotta be crazy to WANT to clean...right??

We took off and Garrett was really good!! Looked and looked...walked and walked!! Found a few good buys...always my way to shop!!

Took Mr. Garrett to get his hair cut!! He did not want to go but he was lookin a little shabby!! I tried taking some pictures of him. He was stuck and could not move!! He is such a stinker!!



We stopped and got a 99 cent milkshake at Sonic..YUMMY!! You should try the pineapple ones..Boy they are good!!

Not much else..just these few tidbits!! smile..Take care


Thought for the day: "The world is like a mirror. If your face is smiling, it smiles right back at you."


Betty said...

Garrett is such a handsome little boy. Sounds like you had a fun day. I'm with you. Who wants to clean house anyway, lol!!

Denise said...

Garrett is so cute.

Charlotte said...

Sounds like a productive day to me.

Anonymous said...

Hello there, always enjoy your blog so much. I have a new saying for you. A lady was telling me the other day she would like to get rid of her wrinkles and i said why? She said just because. I told her this and it changed her mind. Don't U know what wrinkles are and she said NO. I said, "Wrinkles are the SMILES of a Lifetime." it sure changed her mind, she loved that one, I have always heard it that way. I guess i have had a lot of smiles, as i sure have the wrinkles to prove it. Love you mother

John said...

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