Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuesday Tidbits

Hello to all my blogging friends!! Been busy so have not been able to blog today!! But now I have my supper going and I can veg a minute and throw out some thoughts!!
First thought is that it is dog gone HOT here!! You walk outside and the sun is so bright that it almost blinds me!! Our thermometer says 100 right now at 5:00 pm. I am having that dry eye stuff again and oh how I hate having this. It comes every summer because of the air conditioning and over head fans. This year it is particularly worse for some reason. I know that I need to go to the eye doctor and get some permanent eye plugs put into my tear ducts. Just more money you know....speaking of that!!

Hubby was on his way home yesterday with his truck and trailer and the radiator blew!! So there he was having to get a tow and then finding out that this was going to be expensive!! Sure lately everyone has had their hands out wanting money from us!! I think it just works that way sometimes!! We are so thrilled to have our air conditioning. These things that have happened lately HAVE to be fixed...no other way!! i am just thankful that somehow things get paid!! Only God knows how!!

I have been scanning pictures of my dad all morning to send out to my brother out west. They are putting together a collage for my dad's 90th birthday in August!! So much fun to look ath those old pictures. Our son looks so much like his grandpa!! He is all Smith!!

IF and I say IF we are fortunate we just may get some rain!! Those in the know say that we might!! They are calling for rain..I hope that they YELL loud enough and the clouds hear them and dump some right on Savannah for us!! We need it SO BAD!!

Please remember to pray for Denise over at Shortybear's Place. She just lost her brother!! She is heart broken. Go over and leave some words to help her through this. WE bloggers need to learn to help each other out when something hits one of us!! We have a good community of great people...


Thought for the day: "

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They just make the best of everything."


Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Sandy!!!

Oh yes.....I can't wait for Jeff Dunham to get here in town. I've been watching you tube videos a lot today...wishing October was here already. LOL [we got very good seats, and I hope they'll allow cameras.] I just put a countdown on my blog so I can have help counting the days. rofl

Oh.....are you two going to go to your father's birthday bash in August?!! What a party that will be, huh? Lots o' fun.

Ya, when it rains it pours. Bad things, so I'm told always happens in groups of threes. But they never tell us how many GOOD things happen at once. We tend to forget about the good and dwell on the bad. I'm sure glad to hear that the a c is working and you're able to live comfortably!!!

Giant hugs for this fine Tuesday.

Dr.John said...

Good thought for the day.
Wow! Your dad will be 90. That has to be special.
In the midwest we have far too much rain and you don't have any.

PEA said...

It was hot and humid here for a few days but not as hot as you're having over there! Plus, we've been getting lots of rain...wish I could send you some. Oh dear, I know what you mean about everything breaking down at once and money being needed which ever way you turn!! Your no bake strawberry desserts sure looks delicious, will have to try it this summer:-) xoxo

Charlotte said...

My mother used to say "When it rains, it pours". Sounds like you're getting your share of the bad breaks. Hope you get rain soon. Too bad you couldn't have gotten some of that rain they got in Wisconsin and Iowa. It's hot here too, but that's to be expected. It's been over 100 for several days now. It probably won't be back under it until Sept. or October.

Melli said...

You and I must be resting under the same tree or something! Our AC went, then your AC went... Mike truck has problems - MY truck has problems! I sure hope you don't get a STINK in your closet!!! LOL!

Today's high for us was ONLY 95! And right now we are having more thunder, lightening and a little bit of rain. I do pray you got some rain today too! (or will get some overnight!) WE are supposed to cool off a little bit tomorrow... cool front coming through with this rain I think - is supposed to take us down into the 80s. YAY! Luz & I spent 3 hours in the pool today -- and I mean IN the pool - not beside it!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Sandy. It's been hot these past few days here too. Summer vacation is over and Yohan is back in school.

A collage is a wonderful idea to remember all those special moments.

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Your heat wave sounds like ours. We don't have a/c though and don't usually need it. Your dad will enjoy seeing the photo collage for his birthday. Old photos can really send us tripping down memory lane.

Peggy said...

We finally got rain last night. It came with a very bad lighting and thunderstorm but I didn't mind since we got the rain. Suppose to be in the low 90's today so that will feel good. We are experiencing things breaking also. My washer flooded my kitchen yesterday ( should have been using my washtubs but was in a hurry) Lawnmower refusing to start and William has a air leak on his truck. Like you we are blessed we can fix them and that God provides the way.