Thursday, June 05, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

My thoughts today are HOT!! Nope not in wonderful just in HOT!! Our air conditioner that we have been babying along now for several years just will not work anymore!! Plus today is to be one of the hottest days this year. The heat index is to get to 100!! GREAT!! Don't ya know that our air would go out during the hottest period so far in Savannah!!

A man came this morning and tried to make it limp along but it did not help so we are going to have to just stay down here in our family room. We are so very thankful that we have this room with a window air conditioner!! You know hubby and i have not had central air for that many years. How did we ever stand it before? Course we did not live here either. It is really really humid here and just moving makes me just sweat to death ( the South women don't sweat we glisten)!! I forgot!!

Hubby is working and i hope he is in a/c. I have to work this afternoon so I know it will be cool there. i work also in the morning and then this coming Monday days and then I should be finished!!

Yesterday hubby had to go out and do details (measurements). I went along because he asked me to go!! I never turn that down.

We went a long way yesterday. I would imagine about 100 miles!! We live in a pretty part of the US and it is fun to see it!! On the last measurement he dropped me off at Walmart. I stayed in there for almost 2 hours!! I think I saw every aisle. Then I went and sat down by the door waiting for him to come and pick me up. There was about 6 ladies that had been brought out to Walmart. They had a certain time to meet back at the door. Boy were they a hoot!! I just sat there read my book but listened a little too.

Speaking of books...I just finished a good one..."The Third Millenium" by Paul Meier. It is really good and really goes along with what our country is going through right now. It is really a page turner. I love those kinds of books. Always the great ones!! Go read it if you have time...

No more thoughts!! Smile!! I wish my brain was more awake. I slept last night because of the famous Tylenol PM. I knew it was so hot so just take something to make me not know it!! Tonight will be another night like last night but i have to get up at 5:30 in the AM for work. GREAT!!

Hope your day is going great!! KEEP COOL!!

Flip Flop

Thought for the day: "

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest ti God.


Peggy said...

Sandy, we have had 102F temps and suppose to stay that way till Tuesday. I have window a/c's but haven't turned any of them on. I am trying my best to adjust to the heat bu using fans and closing curtains on the side the sun is shining in on at the time. I don't know how much longer I will last thought. Have a great weekend and stay cool said...

I hope you can stay cool until you get the new AC! I hate hot!!! I just read your last post and it is really good about the garbage truck! Love and hugs Grams

Sandy B & Dick said...

Isn't that the way *stuff* happens...always at the wrong time! It is 92 up here in No. GA...waaaay too hot for us.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I spent the day with our dtr and new grandson, so it's been a good day. We are blessed beyond measure...hugzzzz

lillinda said...

My Granpa used to quote.
Horses swaet, men perspire and women get the vapors!"
Don't know where it came from but it is stuck in my head.

ps: sorry your're air conditionless, hope by now you've got a new one !

Hootin' Anni said...

I know....I know just what you're going through. Hope your new one is up and running NOW!

We had that happen too, but it was our fault. We went out in the garage to leave, and I noticed water in the walls....where the ac/heating unit is. I thought Bud cleaned the pipes, and he thought I DID...needless to say it wasn't working, and the water was backing up in the pipes!

As soon as we cleaned it out, it worked. Knock wood!!

Susie said...

That's way too hot for me! We've never had a/c but the last couple years have seemed hotter than normal. Our bedroom is upstairs and it's so hot up there. (maybe I'm just feeling the heat more as I age?)
Stay cool!!

Denise said...

Bless your heart, I hate being hot. Praying for relief for you soon.

Mary said...

Sorry that you are suffering in the heat. It was very warm here today but is going to be much worse tomorrow. It is to be 32C tomorrow, which is roughly 90F but the humidex is going to make it about 40C according to the weatherman. That would be about 104F. I'm not looking forward to that and they have an air advisory out as well.

Thanks for your comments on my post today. I appreciate your kind words and support.


Nancy said...

Sorry to hear about your air... the hot humid south is no place to be without air! It has been unusually hot for this time of year but maybe it will break soon. Good luck in getting the air fixed.

Betty said...

I really feel sorry for you in these temperatures with no air conditioning. It seems unusually hot for this early in the year to me. At least you will be cool at work tomorrow. I didn't think you were still working at Curves.

Hope you rest tonight.

the donG said...

it's definitely hard to have no air condition these days. climate has changed and the weather is more unpredictable.

here in the philippines, it's hotter because we're a tropical country.

maybe you really need to buy a new one.

Melli said...

Oh! I didn't even know you HAD a window unit downstairs! THAT is GREAT!!! What a relief! I've really been worried about you two! Can you sleep downstairs tonight?

I'll have to look into that book!

Saija said...

it's barely hit 70 here ... and tonight will probaby be around 45 ... go figure, eh!

we have cenral air here at the condo ... and we did use it a few times last year - i agree, when you need it - it is a blessing to have!

i wrote down the name of that book and the author ... i like books like that too ... have you read joel c. rosenberg's books? he is an excellent writer with the cia/fbi stuff thrown and and prophecies being lived out too!

stay cool! well you are cool, but stay cool in the literal sense, too! :o)

Betty said...

Thanks for dropping in Sandy....the girls and I had a wonderful's very hot here, too....Betty

Terrie's Lil' Piece of Serenity said...

Sandy, I hope you get AC very soon! It's only been in the 70's here if we're lucky. Savannah is my favorite city in the US!! I really like your blog!

Linda said...

I couldn't live without my A/C. My bedroom has to be cold for me to get to sleep. I've been using Tylenol PM so long it no longer works. It was 3:00 am before I turned the lights out. I may have to go to my doctor and get something stronger. The book you highlighted looks good. I'll put it on my list.

Technonana said...

Sandy... I'm so sorry your air conditioner broke down!!! I'm feeling it with you!! The heat is aweful. I was out shopping yesterday too, and over heard a lady on her cellphone, tell someone it was hotter than hades. She was from up north somewhere... She said, she couldn't wait to get back!!! I will be praying for you!!
Think I will get that book to take to the beach!!!

Diane said...

Oh my no AC wow!! I will send you good wished for cooler weather or something,we up here in the North have no such problems , I am lucky it hasen't snowed since last week (Its True)
Take care

Needled Mom said...

Oh dear....100*??? I hear that it is going to stay warm for awhile too so hope the a/c gets fixed for you.

Thanks for jogging the memory of the Tony doll. I do remember that. Do you remember the Miss Ginger dolls? I still have mine with all the clothes, etc. They were definitely before the Bar*bie as they were pretty flat chested!!!

PEA said...

We are having quite the humid day today and I'm completely wilted, even though it's no where near as hot as you have it!! lol We don't have the air conditioner put in yet, hopefully this weekend...supposed to stay humid like this for the next few days. Ugh. Won't be long now and you won't need to go back to you're looking forward to that:-) xoxo