Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sunday Summary

Weeks are flying by once again!! Where did May go? The HOT and I mean HOT weather is here in Savannah!! My poor flowers. I just feel so badly for them.

I try to water them every day although there is a restriction here. I hope that i don't get caught!! I just hate to see them wilt! IF I were a flower i would hope to get at least a good drink every day!!

Our tomato plants on the back deck require water every day. They are really getting filled with tomatoes. Little guys for now but tomatoes!! I hope to have a good crop!!

I made a new dessert for tonight's small group. This is our last meeting so i thought something good and cool would be nice. This is a no cook strawberries and angel food dessert. i hope it turns out. Usually when I make something for company something always goes wrong. Ever had that happen?

We are so happy with our new air conditioning unit!! I feel so much better now being cool in this close to 100 degree weather. We are so thrilled that this has all worked out so well!! God is good for sure!!
I want to tell you the definition of patience...My husband!! He went out to an Island here around Savannah to wait for some cabinets to be delivered yesterday. (His day off) He got there at 10:00 because they said sometime in between 10 and 1...well he sat and he sat!! He tried calling all kinds of people with no luck at all. Finally at 2:00..yeap at 2:00 pm he left!! If you don't call that patience I don't know what you call it!! He had used 4 hours of his Saturday time to help someone get their cabinets delivered. This lady lives in New Jersey..but waiting 4 hours!! Not this lady!! He came home so hot and disgusted but nothing and I mean nothing like i would have been. i would never have waited that long. This is my husband..Mr. Patient!!

My parents have been having so much rain in Illinois that streets are flooded and more rain to come. We sit here with NONE!! Weather is all out of whack me thinks!!

Well enough of this SAD SUMMARY for today!! Hope all is well in your various parts of the world. Ours is great!!


Thought for the day: "A heart that loves is always young!" (I hope so)


Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Your heat sounds very uncomfortable and I'm so glad you have your a/c again. I have a strawberry and angel food cake recipe that I've had for years. Wonder if it's the same? Very easy and good.
Stay cool, and I hope your plants survive the hot weather!

Melli said...

LOL! Weeks are FLYING by - even up here in the North! And it's as hot here too! Right now we are at 90 degrees and looking toward a high of 94 - the heat index is 110! OY!

I probably would have waited like Mike did. They said between 10 and 1 - so I would have given them until 1 plus a bit in case they were running late. It was very kind of him to give up his day off to do that for someone. I'm sorry they didn't show. I wonder if they ever did.

Your dessert for tonight sounds YUMMY! I'm sure it will be great!

Linda said...

May I come over and piece of your strawberry cake? Glad your a/c is working good. It's 94 here today. I planted a couple tomato plants and 2 cucumber plants the end of May and I don't have any tomatoes showing yet. We don't have any water restrictions so mine gets a good drink every day.

Susan said...

That strawberty dessert sounds divine! I don't think I'd have waited like Mike're right, that's patience.

Hope you're doing well today and staying cool. We have rain today for the first time in a while.



Sandi said...

Glad you have AC again. I know how you feel. Ours is broke and yesterday it was 92 inside the house. We though it was nicer outside when there was a breeze. It is already 86 inside and it is only 6:30 in the morning.

Heart of Rachel said...

We've been turning the AC more frequently lately because of the hot weather. I also make sure the orchids are watered twice a day to make sure they won't die because of the heat.