Sunday, June 01, 2008

Happy Sunday

I am so behind in blogging!! I always hate that but sometimes i just run out of TIME!! I know that you do too!! I have not blogged since Thursday and that is a long time for me. I did not even get to do the Photo Saturday Hunt because i was at work...YEAP still working!!

Also I had a lot on my mind. My dad who is going to be 90 in August had another very bad day yesterday. He did not know where he was and kept thinking that my mother was me!! He thought something was wrong with the car but that i knew about it. My parents live in Illinois and I of course live here in Georgia!! I hate it when this happens and I am so far away. I know that my mother has a very hard time with this. I believe that he is having small mini strokes.

I talked to Mother this morning and she said he was better today but remembered about having a bad day yesterday. I am afraid that this is going to continue. I truly HATE THIS!!!

Today is a gorgeous but ever so HOT day!! It is boiling. I have been in the kitchen..YES ME in the a good meal for my hubby, baking a cake and making a salad. I feel so badly because I do not cook like I used too...I have never never liked it but i know that i still should try when i can.

I decided that I needed to sit down and recover from the heat in the kitchen for a few minutes!!

I finally got my NEAT RECEIPTS up and working with the help of a very knowledgeable lady from that website. We worked about 3 hours and finally we got it all taken care of. It was the fault of my computer. Some things needed to be downloaded for the NR to work!! I am so happy with this...If you need to keep track of what you spend..this is a great thing to have. I am so excited when I get one receipt.

You just make up folders. When you have a receipt you open the appropriate folder..say groceries and then scan your receipt into that folder. It you paid; how much tax; where; date; and of course the amount. It then keeps a running total for all of your expenses. The thing to do is of course to start at the first of the year. But I am so enjoying this little new toy of mine.

Hubby is still having a problem with his GPS!! What needs to be done is new files downloaded onto it. The instructions went over my head. i am hoping that our next door neighbor can help us out. I think this would be great for hubby since he travels so much.

How's your gas out there? Ours was $3.76 yesterday at Walmart. I see $3.82 and other prices all over the place. With this heat riding a bike does not play into any plans that I have any time soon!!

Have you seen the new Wii Get Fit? Boy it is nice. I would love to have that but well probably not...just a want. My neighbor, Tootsie took one down to Jacksonville, Fla this past week to her grandson and daughter. I went along with her. I took some good pictures of her showing her grandson how to do it..Course he is on the board but she is showing him from the!! We grandmas!!
Guess my Alfredo chicken lasagna will be done soon. Need to go ice my cake too!! Hope hubby enjoys...(I hope it is good)!! smile!!

Have a wonderful Sunday!!


Melli said...

Well, there you are!!! Good to see you! Happy Sunday! I'm lookin' and thinkin' maybe I need to get ME a Wii!

Hope Mike enjoys that HOME COOKED meal! Wow... and cake! Dennis would be sO jealous!

Julie said...

Our gas is up to 4.20 a gallon We had a yummy roast potatoes and carrots for lunch.Am in the nursery tonight at churc. Fun:)
Warm here too finally. it is 79 and sunny. Can't believe it is June already.

Anonymous said...

Sandy just read your blog and thanks for including Dad in your blog, knowing you care really does help a lot. Thanks to the lady from TN for her prayer for you and I and Dad, we do appreciate that so much. Dad is good today, so we wait till the next one strikes and I am sure it will. I will be fine with it, just have to keep praying, as I hate to see him this way. Thanks again and love you so much. Mother & Dad

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
It's a lovely day here in CA (not too hot thankfully!)
Your dinner sounds good! You're so ambitious to cook in that heat.
My grandma had the mini strokes for more than four years and the dementia just got worse with each one. It's very tough to deal with, but you being so far away makes it even tougher.
I've said a prayer for your Dad..
Gas here in CA is $4.25 gallon (or was yesterday) Who knows today!!
Have a great week.

Sandi said...

I can't imagine being far away when you dad is having "bad days". I had a hard time when I could get off to help out and we live close by.
I also don't like to cook but it is something I should do.

Nancy said...

I will keep your dad in my prayers. I know it is hard for you living so far away.

Don't worry about the blogging... all of us out here have times when we feel behind!

It is hot here too, with higher humidity. Yuck, that summer humidity!

Have a great week!

AmberStar said...

I feel for you about your dad. My mil will be 90 in August and has some bad days....not so many lately after her doc put her on Aricept. It doesn't stop it, but it sort of checks it. She really has been doing better. My fil who is 91 takes care of her and he is doing pretty well. My husband goes over or calls everyday. He is a good son. I do my best to help out.

Hope you enjoyed the meal you cooked and I am eaten up with envy over the Wii thing. Some friends were telling us how much they are enjoying theirs and how sore they both were, too afterward.

Dr.John said...

I remember those days when my Mother had mini strokes. She was staying with us and every day she became less and less like the mother I new. I can feel for you.
We have a WII but my grandson shows us how to use it.
Enjoyed your blog.

Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Sandy!
Boy you were busy! I baked a pineapple upside down cake yesterday. So, we were both cooking. And hot...YES!! Our weather alert yesterday was for 'older people' to stay indoors with the heat index.

So here were two away in the hot kitchen! LOL

Hope your Monday is going to be a good one.

Lazy Daisy said...

So glad your dad is better today. We've got both your mom and dad prayed up. So glad you got your receipt machine working. Hope you are able to download to the GRS. Becky and Jerry have been enjoying ours a lot. Miss you.

Peggy said...

You sure have been busy!! Hope you have a day or two to rest and relax.

Stacy said...

Popped in from Dr. John's where you are the link of the day. I enjoyed the look around. You have a nice, fun, friendly blog.

Gas here in PA is $3.99, but that could change as the prices usually go up on Monday mornings.

I am eyeballing one of those Wii fitness thingies, too. My birthday's in August....maybe my family will take a hint?

Denise said...

Praying for your dad, love you my friend. said...

I can't blog every day like I did last year! and get out every day and visit!
I glad your Dad is feeling a little better!! I will be praying for him.
I have heard about the new deal for the Wii and I will have to tell Karen about it! Right now our wii is up at my Grandson's house!
Karen has lost 77 pounds. This might be something she would like.
Your cake sounds really Good!!! Love and hugs Grams

Sandy B & Dick said...

It is always scary when our parents and their health decline, especially when we have to deal with it from so far away. Dick and I are both orphans now, so may you not join that club any time soon...hugz

Susan said...

Hi Sandy,

I have been having a hard time blogging lately. It sounds like you've had a lot going on. I'm continuing to pray for your Dad.

I so want one of the Wii's! I love the whole idea of getting up and moving!!