Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day!!

Once again it is FATHER' DAY!! I never called my dad that...mostly DADDY then DAD!! Well as i think probably DA-DA might have been the first name!! Hm!! Too little to remember that and too long ago too!!

My dad was in WWII and being almost 90 now had a lot to tell about that experience. A newspaper in their home town in Tuscola did an article on him at Memorial day!! I thought that was great...

Some of the article said,

"Bullets whizzing past his head. Winning medals, seeing buddies killed. Being wounded twice, the second time that took a portion of his arm. He's still got the scars, more than 60 years later. Smith is one of many veterans being honored this Memorial Day."

Dad also has sat down with Mother and recorded his memories. Here is some of that too:

"I enlisted in the United States Army in December 1942, as all my friends were in the service and I felt it my duty as an American to help serve my country. I served as rifleman in the European Theater of Operations using the M-1 rifle and Browning automatic rifle to destroy enemy personnel and positions. I was familiar with hand-to-hand fighting and often served as scout and observer to obtain information on enemy strength and position. I was a PFC with Company B, 232nd infantry and 42nd Rainbow Division in Germany. I was awarded the Purple Heart with oak leaf cluster on April 4, 1945. Also the European-African Middle Eastern Robbon with 2 bronze service stars, good conduct ribbon and Combat Infantryman Badge. i was also awarded the Bronze Star on August 9, 1945 for my Campaign Rhineland and Campaign Central Europe. I was wounded in action on March 14, 1945 in France again on April 4, 1945 in Germany."

He goes on to say, that one day he was sitting beside his buddy talking and he didn't answer him so helooked over and he had been shot between the eyes and was dead. How awful!! These memories will stay with him forever!!!

I just thought that I would give you some of my dad's background today since it is so important as to WHO he is...

Also reading on i found out about what happened on the day he found out that i was is the excerpt;

"I know my wife Jeri, had a terrible time while i was overseas and i feel she went through a lot worrying about me and taking care of my daughter who was born while I was in a foxhole. I remember when she was born and my Dad had sent a cablegram telling me I was a Father to a little girl, named Sandy. i stood up in the foxhole and was yelling, "I have a daughter," One of my buddies asked me if I wanted to see her and I said yes and he said, "Then you had better get your head down or you will not see her at all!" I remember getting down; i probably was about half crazy and happy at the same time."

The first time Dad saw me 1945

Dad is now going to be 90 this coming August 7th. As you know we are giving him and also my brother a birthday party in Illinois. Ron will be 60 in August so we thought we would just celebrate both at the same time.

NINETY i just cannot imagine that at all. He is doing really well but he has some days where he is completely LOST. These are the days that my mother just hates of course.

Today I just want to thank my DAD for being my DAD!! I would not be the person that I am today if it was not for him!!


Love Sandy

Dad and Mother with our 3 oldest granddaughters

Flip Flop

Thought for the day:" Years wrinkle the skin, but lack of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."


Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, what a wonderful story and pictures about your dad has been in heaven for 21 years now..Wishing Mike a Happy Father's Day...enjoy spending it with your family.hugs, Barb

Hootin' Anni said...

I love this wonderful tribute Sandy!! It's chilling for the fact it's so filled with love!!! [your photo you've shared in 1945---stupendous!!!]

Betty said...

Sandy, that was a wonderful tribute to your Daddy. Those are good pictures of your Mom and Dad and some of the other family members. I think you favor your Mom.

I wrote a tribute to my Daddy today. I hope you have time to visit. I was very blessed with having good parents, like yourself.

Anonymous said...

I not only read your blog to your Dad, but started getting hoarse again, so tried printing it for him to have for his military album, some of it printed and some didn't, but going to try again. i will make it or know the reason why. Very nice and he really did appreciate what you wrote about him, he feels so honored to have you as his daughter and Ron as his son. As he said, "We did good with them both." He is so right, we love you both so much and thanks.
Love always Mother & Dad.

Charlotte said...

What a nice tribute to your Dad. I have so much admiration for those who served in WWII. I have an uncle who lives in Oregon that was in that war. He's 86 now. He lives all alone now. I feel so sorry for him. We keep in touch. My Dad would have been 95 if he was alive. He died at 85.

Melli said...

That was just beautiful Sandy! I'm so glad your dad has recorded these things for you and your kids and grandkids! I need to start doing some of that! Stories need to go on. Unfortunately, I don't have ANY stories from my parents... This really was a wonderful tribute!

Hey! How's it feel to wake up this Monday and be RETIRED?

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Father's Day to the special men in your life. I admire your father's courage and dedication to his country.

Sandy B & Dick said...

Aaawww, what a sweet tribute to your dad! God bless him real good:-)