Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Words that start with the
letter W--about ME!!

  1. Washing: Our first washing machine was a wringer one!! We could not afford much at the time so I had one in the basement of our first house. One time i got my arm caught and even though I had the "presence of mind" to hit the red release bar, I thought i was injured for life. I went running to my neighbors house! (Course i was only about 21 then too)!!
  2. Water: I like to go to the ocean and walk along the shore. I am happy that we live so close now but i very seldom get to go. I love seeing the birds and trying to spot a dolphin.
  3. Wealthy: NOPE!! I have come to the conclusion that God does not want hubby and I to be wealthy as in money. We are wealthy in other ways though.!!!
  4. Web: As most of you know..I love the web...Internet...I mean!! We could not blog without this wonderful part of our technology!
  5. Wed: Yes that is me...a long time ago now..but the best decision that i ever made!!
  6. Weight: Always a problem for me!! I am thinking that it is ALWAYS going to be that way too. I am still trying though!!
  7. W: My last name starts with this letter. I used to have the last name that started with an S...but I had to move DOWN the alphabet for this last name.
  8. Whirl: When I was a little girl we had these great circular skirts. I used to love to go around and around and see it go out in a circle. Now I would fall down with the first WHIRL!! Getting old sucks!!
  9. Whirligig: Another good time!! We used to get these when we were little. We would hold them out the window of the car while Dad was driving so that the wind would take them around and around. Fun times. We had simple fun then!!
  10. Whopper Candy: Yummy!! good stuff
  11. Windmill: I still love those just like hubby does. We have a small one in our front yard. My brother and I always "tried" to climb the one we had when we were little. Never got very high though.
  12. Wisdom: I have heard it said that as you get older you gain WISDOM!! How much older do I have to get???
  13. WHEW!! I am glad this list is done!! Now to think about the X's for next week!! Now that is going to WOW me good!!

Thought for the day: "Frustration is trying to find your glasses without your glasses!"


Melli said...

Looooooove your number 8! I used to whirl around in those skirts and dresses with the wide skirts too! Oh what FUN they were! And yep ... now days, one whirl would knock me on my butt!

Great list dear! GOOD LUCK with NEXT week! That one has ME sweatin' and I'm only on O!

Denise said...

Awesome list.

Phyl said...

Great post! I would love to live near the water...or the beach I should say. We have waterfalls here...amazing:).

And those whirl skirts...OMG~ Weren't they the most fun ever? Always made me feel like a princess. To this day, if it will I whirl in every skirt or dress I put on.

And about getting old and how it sucks...I am right there with you, How can it all be so different when I feel like the same person on the inside after all these years? I have a real hard time accepting my limitations...makes me mad most of the time.

I have some goodies for you, but need to know...what name would you want on some siggie tags?

Many hugs...

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
Loved reading your W's. You and I share a love of the ocean. We live about an hour+ away. If we lived closer, I'd spend much more time there.
Loved your #8. Remember those layers of stiffly starched petticoats we'd wear under the skirts? The more petticoats the better, but then you had to sit on that stiff net!
Fun memories!!

Julie said...

Wow What a Wonderful list.
Feeling better today Yeah!!!

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, you never seen to have a hard time with any of the letters of the visit with the Neurologist this morning went well...he could not find any major problems..He thinks my neck pains are coming from muscular arthritis and that the bulging disk could remain like this for years without further good news.. no PT and no surgery..Just old age and worn-out joints... Hugs, Barb

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy,

You managed to put a great list together with the letter W:-) Ooooh I love Whoppers, could just sit there and eat them all...which causes the #6 problem! lol I remember loving to whirl around too as a little I get dizzy so fast, there's no way I could even whirl once. xox

Sandi said...

whopper candy is one of my favorites too

Carolyn said...

Whooo hooo. You always do so good with this list, Sandy, and we have learned so many things about you. I love windmills too -- but being from Kansas, that is pretty much a given, right?

Just a reminder -- my "everyday life" stuff is at The one you have me linked to has pretty much become a book blog. Great info, great books, but not alot of "me" there.

Hootin' Anni said...

Me too. But you know that and the shoreline along the ocean is a day in heaven.