Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day Tribute

Another's Mother's Day already!! I thought today that i would pay a tribute to two women in my life that have left the best of themselves in me!!

What we would we be without our moms!! Not here.... for the first answer!! So todayIthought I would feature my mother(of course) and my grandmother (her mother)!!

I have been trying to think of my first memory of my mother and the earliest one that I can remember was the day that she brought my baby brother home. He is 3 1/2 years younger than me so i was almost 4 at the time. She came in with him and my great grandmother was there to help!!

  • After that i remember Christmases, when she would hide our gifts but the first one of us to find them would tell the other one!!
  • school events where she would bring in my accordion so that I could play it at school for the kids!
  • Halloween costumes that somehow she came up with.
  • playing outside and not being able to get back in the house because she would lock both front and back doors (she wanted some peace and quiet)!!
  • us not having enough to eat and she got very thin because she gave it to us;
  • parties at school when she made the best things for us to eat!
  • teaching me how to ride my first bike!!

  • Washing our dog Kippy in the sink then using this big green bottle of perfume and splashing it all over him.Then brushing Kippy teeth(what a foaming mess).
  • Always having cookies, or brownies and milk when we got home from school.
  • Washing and hanging out clothes till her hands were bright red from the cold.
  • Always trying to make due with what they had which was not much...
  • And Oh the green switch that laid on the top of the frig!! We had to go outside and get our own switch from the tree and then she pulled the bark off so that it would hurt more!! YES discipline was in our house and I for one am glad of it...NOW
Then there was my grandmother!! She did not want me when i was born (at least i was told that). I think that she wanted more for my mother than just being a mom. But I guess i finally won her over. I spent a lot of my childhood with her.

She was never "lucky in love" and was married several times. Unfortunately she always married someone who liked their booze too much and liked to beat up their wives!! i was in on several of those times and believe me that taught me to stay as far away from that stuff as i could. It also taught me to find the right kind of husband when that time came. I have done well in that department for sure.

Since my grandmother did not think she was old enough to be a grandmother, i was to call her MOM!! So all my life i had a mother and a mom!! Made it some easier for me with other grandmothers that i had in my life too!!

My earliest memory would be:
  • Standing on her brick front porch with my little red suitcase in my hand!! Then gobs of men (remember i was little) coming and picking me up at the door. They put me on their shoulders and took me to the kitchen for chocolate milk. I always got chocolate milk at moms.
  • Chocolate pin wheel cookies in the same place always!!
  • Never to smoke ever because she always had one going in every room of the house.
  • She ironed EVERYTHING!! Course if she didn't she would get yelled out..even sheets and underwear!!
  • Chocolate doughnuts from the little market!! i would ride my bike there and got get them and chocolate milk...NO wonder i fight fat today!!
  • Flowers; geraniums; glads; I always remember Mom when i see these two flowers.
  • cooking...seemed like all of the time. She HAD to have lunch cooked and hot when my step grandfather walked in...IF it was too cold she would get yelled at. As i got older i yelled back at him!!
  • Making me practice an hour everyday on my accordion (at her house i got paid)!!
  • Getting new clothes!!
  • Watching 'As the World Turns' from its conception. We would put the lunch dishes in the sink with suds so they could soak and then go watch it!! (I quit that habit a long time ago)
  • Easter outfits every year till we got old enough to know that was not important any more.
  • TRIPS!! i got to go so many places that i would never have gone!! Those were fun times!!
  • Spoiled!! That could be the biggest thing that happened to me!!
I hope this gives you a little insight into my childhood!! It was a fun one!! Full of surprises!! Some things that i wish i had never seen or been a part of but these two women lived through these times to make themselves better in the end!!

My mother will be 84 in July and my grandmother, Mom passed away several years ago. I just hope that I turn out as well as they both did!! Every day is a new adventure and with God's help I just keep trying!!


Thought for the day: "Never look back. The best is yet to come!"


Denise said...

Such lovely tributes sweetie. Happy Mothers Day.

Sandy & Dick said...

Very sweet tribute. Happy Mother's Day to you! Did you get my email???

PEA said...

Happy Mother's Day to you too, dear Sandy:-) Hope you've been getting spoiled today!! I so loved reading your tributes to your mother and your grandmother...such wonderful childhood memories of both! xoxo

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
I enjoyed reading your childhood memories of both your Mom and Grandma.
Those were simpler times to be sure.
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Hi Sandy, it looks like you have had two very special women in your life ..My sister and brother were in town and we spent the day with mom and enjoyed the laughing and telling of many memories... I hope your Mother's Day was a good one...hugs, Barb

Hootin' Anni said... much as I know of you from your blogging style, YOU ARE as good as they both can you not be? You have their blood and they're strong can't go wrong.

Thanks for popping in over the weekend and leaving the happy anniversary wishes...that meant a lot to me, truly.

Melli said...

Ohhhh Sandy! I did know a lot of this... most of it I think, from our talks in Savannah. But having it all put down here... this is a wonderful tribute to BOTH of these special women! And you know what I love? I LOVE your attitude about it all. So many people today take those tough times and lay BLAME on it all for anything that's wrong in their lives NOW! But you don't do that at all - you understand that they were doing the BEST they could DO for you, and you appreciate it! I LOVE that!!! YOU are a wonderful woman!!!

Needled Mom said...

Wonderful and heartfelt tributes to the important women in your life.

Have a great week. said...

Wonderful Tribute to your Mom and Mother!! I agree with Melli on this!!
My Mother ironed her sheets too!! You are strong!! and a wonderful person!! Love and hugs Grams

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Mother's Day Sandy! This is such a wonderful post about your mom and grandmother. A sweet tribute for two special women in your life.

Mother's Day is special to me this year because I celebrated it with my parents (who are here on vacation) and my own family.

Mar said...

Such a lovely tribute! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Dear Sandy.....
What tributes you have paid to both Mother and Mom.... a delightful read.

So much looking forward to meeting you. I have to leave the arrangements for Betty tho”.

So you have read about our Welsh Love Spoons.... yes, I took the link to the blog you suggested, she shows some lovely ones.

Can’t wait to meet you Sandy. Bestest Love - Marion

Linda said...

I enjoyed reading about your childhood memories. My Mom ironed sheets, underwear and socks too. I use to iron the sheets. What a dummy I was.

We have company from Florida for the next couple days, so everything is a little out of sorts right now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words honey. I know you appreciated us both and you have turned out to be a wonderful woman and a good Mother. You have no problems in your life, since you are a good Mother and wife and grandmother. Just know I will always be there for you and Ron both. Just know I will not be around someday,but really I will if you will just look up everyday. Thanks so much and know you had a nice Mothers day. Love reading what your blogger friends have to say, such a nice group of young ladies. Take care and love to you always. Your Mother now and forever.