Monday, May 19, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy Day 1

Miss Daisy; Ella; Flip Flop; Miss Anna

Sorry that I have not been a very good blogger lately but just nothing interesting to blog about..Every felt that way before!??

But then Miss Daisy and Mr. Wonderful showed up and we have been so busy that my excuse now is just plain busyness!!

This morning I got up and headed out to buy some expensive GASOLINE so that I could start my week of DRIVING MISS DAISY!!

With a full gas tank, we headed off to the Mall. I had to go to AC MOORE so we seemed to spend a lot of time there and suddenly realized that we had a luncheon date at 11:30!!...across town!! So off we went..

We met "our good friend" Miss Anna at Sweet Potatoes!! We all love that place!! Miss Anna was a lovely as ever. Oh and yes another friend of Miss Daisy's showed up too. I got to meet yet another new friend!!

We had delicious food!! I love that place!! (Oh, I think I have said that before!!) I had pecan encrusted tilapia!! Man that was good!! Plus all those southern made vegies!! YES!! Great way to put pounds on!! We talked forever and then finally had to say goodbye!!

Miss Daisy and i had just "enough" time to stop at Michaels and spend yet a little more money!! Then to put a big damper on the day...I had to go to work!! UGH!! I took Miss Daisy home!!

Tootsie, my neighbor, stopped over for a few minutes!! She is such a great friend and so much fun!! I had to get ready to leave, but Miss Daisy was not going to be alone...Up drove yet another friend and off she went with her!! She is just in a whirl this week...Seeing more people than one person should be seeing.

They are both out tonight at 2 small groups!! They have their own key now so they can come home anytime that they want!! We are trusting ole' souls here!! smile!!

Tomorrow will be Driving Miss Daisy #2... I am not quite sure what is going on yet but you can bet that we have a luncheon to go too and I am going to meet yet another friend!! Wednesday we are off to the TEA ROOM!! Melli, Susan, Jen and Barb...remember the last time that we went? Yeap!! We had a good time right??? We are not going to wear gloves or hats at least i don't think so!!

I am still working at Curves and well I am still not sure when my LAST DAY is!! Cannot seem to find anyone to work. I really am going to miss the members. That is a great group of ladies!!

Hope all is great in your blogland!! I am watching Dancing with the Stars!! One of my favorite shows and it is almost over!! boo hoo!!


Thought for the day: "Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they are there."


amy said...

Sounds like you have been having a lot of fun!

Susie said...

Hi Sandy,
So glad you've been having fun with friends! We have Sweet Potatoes not far from here, but we've never tried them. Not sure if they're even the same chain!

Betty said...

I'm glad you are enjoying Miss Daisy, Sandy. Sounds like you all are having a wonderful week together. Enjoy the rest of the time with your friends.

Denise said...

I am so glad that you are enjoying your time with your friends.

PJ said...

Just dropped by to say hello. CURVES...I liked that place... I need to go back, desperately, but the one so close and convenient closed. I'd have to cross town. Maybe this summer!

Mar said...

it sounds like so much fun!!

Julie said...

sounds like you are having fun and keeping busy. Enjoy your time together.

Linda said...

Sandy, I always enjoy reading your posts, but I know what you mean about being challenged as to what to blog about. Enjoy your time with Miss Daisy!!

Phyl said...

Wow~ I could not even keep up with you two road-runners. Lol...I am happy that you are having so much fun. Both of you may be sleeping all next week, but will be a well-deserved rest!

PEA said...

Hello dear Sandy,

I'm back from my trip:-) I'm so glad that Miss Daisy has arrived safely and it sounds like you are all having a great time!! I've never heard of the restaurant Sweet Potatoes so I'll have to google it and see what their menu is like. Keep having fun and don't worry about blogging, just enjoy your company:-) xoxo